SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted July 22, 2021, 2:50 p.m. by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) (Amber DeSadier)

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) in SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB 157- Finally a Date
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She grinned, looking up at the beautiful woman. “Well, flattery will get you everywhere my dear. Now, lets get this dinner underway. THe faster I eat my dinner, the faster I can have dessert.” The look on her face showed that it wasn’t food she considered her dessert tonight. Zoi turned onto her stomach and lifted herself on her knees to take Dira’s face in her hands and kiss her deeply. It wasn’t the emotion charged kiss on the sand as they had before. Here it was deep, languid, exploring her mouth and taking her time.

Haven, CoS

Warmth flooded her body and not for the first time did Dira muse to herself how long it had been since she had enjoyed what was simply a kiss. Returning the kiss with equal depth and tenderness, Dira didn’t try to escalate it, despite definitely wanting to. No, she could be patient.

Pulling back and forcing herself to stand up fully for both their sakes, Dira took a step back. “Dinner is whatever you want the computer replicate for you. Do you know what small plates you want to share?”

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi couldn’t help but smile as Dira stepped back. There was a great feeling of pride in making the woman before her hot and bothered. She thought about the food ideas she had floating in her head. “3 cheese baked oysters, champagne-battered zucchini flowers with cheese, goat’s cheese spread and maple bacon sliced bruchetta?” Perhaps she had been contemplating it for a while. Zoi enjoyed food and since she worked out so much, she could eat a lot of what she wanted whenever she wanted.

Haven, CoS

“Sounds delicious!” Dira said moving over to what amounted to a kitchen in the hut, complete with replicator tucked behind a cupboard door. Some days she really loved the holodeck. “I’d add a spinach and uttaberry salad with a raspberry vinaigrette and I’ll pick dessert but it’ll be a surprise. Except for the fact that it’ll contain chocolate,” she added with a gleam in her eyes.

“MMMM Chocolate.” Zoi replied, turning around onto her hands and knees before getting up from the comfortable lounger. She walked up to the kitchen, ready to help.

“Here, why don’t I order things and pass them to you to lay out on the table and then we can settle in? And anything to drink?” Myqian asked, suddenly in task mode even though she was quite relaxed. Just focused.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Sounds good. Ummm, lets go with something light so how about hibiscus pomegranate iced drink topped with candied hibiscus flowers. Its like a lemonade except the tart comes from the pomegranate and the hibiscus mellows it out nicely.” As soon as the items started replicating, Zoi took them and began placing them on the table by the lounger she had previously occupied.

Haven, CoS

The drink sounds amazing,” she said. Had she been more discreet, Dira could have been said to have been stealing glances. But no. She watched Zoi come and go with unabashed appreciation for the woman that was more than just her physical appearance. This whole thing with them was a bit like a dance and they were just finding their stride together, matching pace and intention. It thrilled her to no end.

She knew that Dira’s eyes were on her and seemed quite comfortable and confident under the scrutiny. Emotions were messy for her and she didn’t often like them, but she didn’t mind the beginning of relationships when everything was swirling around, finding the right mix.

Replicating a pitcher of the hibiscus laced pomegranate drink, she brought it over to the table and carefully set it down. She pulled out a chair fo Zoi and herself and went to grab some plates and cutlery. “This is not so unlike growing up with my father. He loved to mis-mash food together. Sometimes the most unexpected flavours could arise in a meal. Sometimes it was plain terrible,” she said, laughter ringing through the hut as she reappeared.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi finished placing the plates around somewhat haphazardly and clipped a couple of the flowers and leafy stems from a bush beside the hut to place around them. No one would say it was symmetrical, but the effect was rather pretty and she sat herself down as Dira reappeared. “You know, I had a date once try cinnamon on steak. Just plain ground cinnamon. It was awful and I do not recommend it. Totally ruined dinner and the poor man just could not recover from the embarrassment he felt. Sad that he felt it needed to end the date. I wish he could have recovered. Flexibility of mind is important.”

Haven, CoS

“Awww,” Dira said with a laugh. “But those small things tell you everything you need to know, right? We don’t always know it at the time, but most people who us who they truly are right from the beginning. You just have to get through the noise to see what those truths are,” she said as she grabbed a dish and put a couple items on her own before passing it to Zoi.

She took the plate and began placing items on her own. Then she placed it on the table before them and picked a second dish, placing items from it onto her plate and then passing it to Dira.

“You for example, my dear, are judicious in your attention. You don’t waste it carelessly, whether it’s on the job or in a more personal interaction. And that means that the attention youdo give someone is honest and true,” Dira said, pouring them both a glass of the hibiscus drink.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Some people might think I am too guarded with my attention. One of the previous Chiefs of Psychology here thought so and maybe he was more than a little right. I haven’t tried to make friends in so long that I think I have forgotten how to use the practice of it. I have lived in a state of flux for so long that I am just used to being alone even on a ship full of perfectly nice people. Couple that with my easy annoyance at stupidity and I find I have not been very good at being around people unless I am in the role of being a professional.”

Haven, CoS

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