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Posted July 25, 2021, 4:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) in Save the Work - R&D Lab
Alexis walked into the R&D lab, perhaps Kane, Petrakos, and Golfink were following, but she had no idea. “Borchek do NOT put that in your mouth! It will seal it shut!” She hurried over to the table where all the slips were sitting along with the equipment to test it. There were good natured grins and mutterings of “Oh let him Lt. We’ll have some quiet finally.” Borchek looked at Bonner like she’d grown another head, “What, Lt? Eat the slips?” Bonner looked from him to the strips and then to Kane’s works station and back. Borchek began to chuckle. “It’s okay Lt, I think Lt Kane is making fun of both of us. Really we need to work on your humor.” Borchek laughed and began separating things out and it began to spread across the entire lab.

Alexis blinked, making fun of them? Oh she supposed so, it was Lt Kane after all but…but it was work, that wasn’t funny. He said…he said, she shook her head and watched Borchek spread out over the entire lab. “Stop…stop. You’re getting it all mixed up. Farzla did you get the program loaded onto the tricorders?” Farzla nodded. “Alright you and Borchek take one, and I’ll take the third. We’re going to start with the magnetic splints. Borcheck you’re going to work with basic single bone fractures. Farzla I want you to test the splints on fractures centered on joints. When you get that tested, give them to me and I’ll check the suture program.” She took all the slips and stacked them on an empty table and and then placed a medical triage dummy on each of their work tables and left them to it. Alexis walked over to her lab space and cleared the table. =^=GALEN emergency medical patient simulation, scenario 2. Place simulation on my work table.=^= The computer beeped and the simulation of an injured crewman appeared on her table using the holographic/3D projectors in the room.

The first of the slips arrived on her table and she picked them up, synced them to her tricorder and moved over to the holographic patient. Bonner muttered to herself as she examined the test patient, “Penetrating abdominal trauma, 4 centimeters in length, penetrating past the diaphragm and into the upper right quadrant of the spleen.” She set one of the slips over the wound and using the uploaded program she linked the tricorder scans with the program and double checked the suggested suturing the program came up with and then let it begin. She watched very carefully to make sure the suturing was accurate. Then after a moment, “Interesting.” She typed quickly into the tricorder and looked at the simulation again and her brow went up and she walked around the table. Then she tapped at the tricorder again to turn the program off, but sutures kept going. By now the sutures had extended into the entire abdomen of the simulation. “Error in the automatic and manual shut down. GALEN cancel holographic simulation.” The holographic simulation disappeared but the sutures continued, into her table, and Alexis pursed her lips. She reached out to tap the top of the slip to cut the power and several sutures shot out the side. She snatched her hand away. “Farzla, the automatic and manual shut down of your program is not actually linked.” Farzla walked over took the tricorder and attempted to stop the program to no avail. Alexis walked over to the cabinet of her work area and took out the medical kit and grabbed the cardio-stimulators and with careful, quick, accurate movements set them on the slip, took the control and shocked the things with 500 volts. The slip sparked and then the sutures stuttered and kept going. Then again at 1000 and it sparked again and whirred, and then smoke and it died. “Well I think Farzla you need to rewrite the program. This is deadly to a real patient.” Farzla nodded, “I obviously missed something in the program.” Alexis nodded and held her gaze, “This is why we run simulation tests. Fix it or tell me you can’t so we can scrap the project.” Farzla shifted from foot to foot and Alexis just stared at her, waiting. Farzla was good at what she did, and Alexis knew she needed to be patient while Farzla worked through the problem that analyzing it would be slower than what Alexis could do. She’d learned from Walker though to let people have that time, they didn’t have to work as fast as her. Finally Farzla nodded, “I can fix it.” Alexis gave her the tricorder, “Good.” Then she turned back to her table that now had scorch marks all over the surface and a dead and fried slip sutured to the top of her work table.

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