Side Sim: Holodeck - A Myriade of Possibilities

Posted July 27, 2021, 2:56 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) in Side Sim: Holodeck - A Myriade of Possibilities

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) in Side Sim: Holodeck - A Myriade of Possibilities

Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) in Side Sim: Holodeck - A Myriade of Possibilities
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Tija’s reassurances did little to help the woman. “It makes it hard to get through a shift, with the cramps, and it’s really embarrassing because I keep having to run to get a new uniform…” she said, meaning bleed-through. “I get so irritable I snap at people and say mean things and then wonder why I said it at all, after all, whatever they did it’s never a big deal.” Complained Mariah, looking around self-consciously as she did so.

~ NE Sanford (Lt JG Solal)

Tija managed to hide her surprise at the mention of the uniform and said gently, “There are a couple of things we can try with regard to birth control that might help reduce the strength and length of your menstrual cycle. There are also other things that help to alleviate cramps, like warmth and certain exercises and there are also herbes and other natural remedies that help. But before we talk about that, I have one more questions for you: What types of menstrual products are you using when you’re on your period?”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

“Oh, just reusable pads,” said the crewman. “I’m not really comfortable with the things that you stick.. well, you know.” She was open to trying nearly anything Tija would recommend, from exercise to remedies. Anything that would help was good in Hannah’s books.

~ NE Sanford (Lt JG Solal)

“A lot of people aren’t,” Aizala replied gently. “Maybe period underwear would be an option? It’s very absorbent and comfortable to wear and you don’t have to worry about any accidents,” she suggested and then asked, “Are you allergic to anything? Or are there things you don’t like when it comes to herbs and the like?”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

“I’m allergic to ginger. Not like, deathly allergic, but I get hives on contact with it,” she replied. She was a little skeptical of the idea of period underwear. She didn’t see the difference between that and “free bleeding”, not using any collection method at all. But she was willing to give the idea a go.

~ NE Sanford (Lt JG Solal)

Aizala nodded and reached for a PaDD on a nearby table. “I’m going to write down a few herbs and other things you can try. The question is: Do you also want to try some form of contraceptive?” she asked, her whole demeanour still calm and gentle.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

“Let’s try the herbals first. I’d like to avoid too much intervention if it’s possible. But I’ll be back if I don’t see improvement,” Sanford replied, after a moment’s thought.

Aizala nodded as she finished writing the short list that not only named a few different remedies, but also always what to take it for, when to take it and in which dosage. Handing the PaDD to the other woman, she said, “I hope this will help you.”

Solal peeked his head into the holographic area. “Almost done, Lieutenant?” He asked skeptically. It had been nearly half an hour.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

“Yes, I think so,” Aizala replied as she glanced briefly towards Solal before returning her attention back towards Sanford. “Do you have any other questions?” she asked gently, hoping to convey that she was in no rush.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

“No, but um, thank you so much, Doctor,” Sanford said, and again, she looked just a tad embarrassed as she read over the list handed to her by Lieuteant Tija.

Solal nodded, hoping this was useful in the other doctor’s pursuit of a new specialty.

~ Lt Solal, Doctor | NE Sanford

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