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Creative Snipping

“Yep… that’s me. Housekeeping. Keep it up and I’ll take the trash out.” and he winked at Golfink before turning to Bonner and Petrakos. “Look, I dunno what moron put these idiots with cameras on the ship, but we do have work to do. I can keep my lab in check for a bit longer if you two need need to deal with Joey Bag o’ Donuts here -” and he jerked a thumb at Golfink, “- but I need Bonner in R&D asap.” and he looked at Petrakos and a small glint came into his eye. “You might wanna come too, now that I think of it. I have something you might want to put eyes on before we move into testing. If you can tear yourself away.”

Kane, R&D

Achilleas looked at Kane as he was addressed. His curiosity was of course piqued, but he wasn’t sure if ignoring the task given them by Starfleet was such a good idea… again. He felt slightly guilty last time and this small insufferable man was likely going to be even worse if he got ignored as well. With a sigh he shook his head as he answered Kane. “I’m interested in whatever it is you’re testing, but I’ve bucked my responsibilities already and probably shouldn’t do it again. Thank you for the offer though. If you need any help at a later date let me know.”

The man arched his eyesbrows, “Idiot?! I have you know I am an arteest! I am sector renowed! Your top brass begged me to deal with your petulant banality! I am here doing you all a favor!”

He darted his eyes back and forth among the various scientists before he started to chuckle softly. “You… You don’t know do you? Oh my prophets!” the chuckle started to become a laugh before he buckled over holding his stomach, “You… Hah! Oh your XO is in so much trouble, not with me mind you, but for some of the sharpest supposed inquisitive minds.... Hah!”

GM Wombat

Kane looked at Golfink with a truly predatory look. “Now see… you go and threaten our XO and that’s when things go from polite discourse to you discovering first-hand how good the doctors on this ship really are. You go ahead and back peddle on that last comment, I’ll let you. But don’t let me catch you threatening, even indirectly, a member of this crew again little man. Am I clear?” Kane’s tone was, for once, not hostile. But it was clear that he meant what he said.

This only caused the little man to laugh harder, his high pitched squeal akin to a stuck pig more than a soothing laugh. “Oh my…” The tears started streaming down his face a hand reached up to wipe them away as he sucked in air to try and calm himself down.

Achilleas raised both of his eyebrows expressively at that comment. He had been at the senior staff briefing but other than letting some camera crew film “B roll” for a recruitment video or whatever, he had no idea what was being alluded to. He ignored the dig against their collective curiosity though, as it seemed this diminutive man flourished on getting a rise out of people. He took a calming breath before tapping his badge. =/\=Petrakos to Iyun, you’re needed in the main science lab. We need to continue our cooperation with the film crew.=/\=

Ria had been hiding - working in the astrophysics lab when Achilleas called her. Wishing that she could just stay were she was, but not daring to ignore a direct order, she had replied that she’d be there in a few minutes. So after taking her time put her things away, she made her way over to the main science lab. After taking a deep breath, she stepped through the door and asked, “You wanted to see me Sir?”

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas turned to look at Ria apologetically after she called out to him. “Thank you for joining us Ensign.” He said to keep things professional and not provide any sort of gossipy ammunition to Golfink. While his and Ria’s relationship with each other wasn’t a secret, he definitely did not desire for it to be publicized in a promotional video. “Mr. Golfink here is the lead… producer, of the camera crew aboard and he insists on our cooperation.” He vaguely gestured to the vertically challenged man in way of pointing him out then gestured to himself, Ria, and Bonner for who need to cooperate.

CSO Petrakos

Having finally gathered his breath to the point he could speak he corrected the chief, “Director. The only reason I am here and not my camera crew is because you shunned them to the point that I had to intervene. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be here if you took this seriously and behaved yourself.” He shook his head, “SO in the interest of time and my sanity, we will defer your actual compulsory interviews until later when you can talk with someone who cares.” He waved a hand then added, “So do science or something look… interesting. Look at screens, do microscopes. Maybe you Petrakos look like your mentoring…” He looked as Kane and Alexis walked out and make a mocking hand gesture before looking back to Iyun.

Achilleas pointedly ignored Golfink’s comment. He hadn’t intended to shun the camera crew but work had taken precedent. Ah well, now he needed to deal with the consequences.

“Ah, you must be Ensign Iyun. I am Farber Golfink,” he gave her a low bow, “I forgive the unpleasantness earlier. I have been told I am demanding. Anyway…” he looked back to the chief, “While your other officers are being recalcitrant slackers, the worst kind of lazy, can you mentor your ensign here. Look like you just discovered something or whatever it is you all do here.”

Achilleas smiled at Golfink in a way that wasn’t finding humor in what was said. “My staff are anything but lazy Mr. Golfink.” He said with a tinge of hardness to his voice and emphasized the word mister. “I’ll forgive you your snap judgement based off of a single event if for no other reason than to get this over with as quickly as possible, but you disparage my staff again and I’ll see that you’ll get nothing from the science department.”

He held Golfink’s gaze for a beat longer before he turned to Ria with a softened expression. “Would you like to analyze some data from the nova of the Romulan sun? It would give us something to do and I could share my theory for why it went nova early.”

CSO Petrakos

The small gnome of a man stared back, unperturbed by what he viewed as saber rattling and nothing more. After Petrakos blinked he said nothing and just started recording the conversation between Ria and her superior.

GM Wombat

“Of course, Sir,” Ria replied with a nod and a small smile as she walked over to one of the workstations and pulled up all the data they had. All the while she tried her best to block out Golfink and his camera in an effort to keep her anxiety at bay. This was one of those moments she hated not only that she was always so afraid of almost everything, but also that it always showed so clearly on her face and in her body language. After all, the last thing any of them needed was for her to look like a frightened deer in headlights as that could be too easily interpreted as her being afraid of Achilleas. Which, of course, was as far from the truth as one could imagine.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

After a few minutes Golfink tapped the corner of his device and nodded. “That will do,” he responded politely, stood, and wandered off without much more to say on the topic.

GM Wombat

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