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Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in Main Sim - Cargo Bay 3 AKA the Green Room
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Laughing she added, “anyway… since you have been here what was your most impressive moment with the crew, something that either moved you to tears, made you laugh, proud. Any sort of strong emotion.”

Dira considered this and it wasn’t a hard moment to conjure. She smiled softly. “When I first arrived at Starbase after the previous Ogawa had been badly damaged, my first glimpse of that crew was at a promotions ceremony. it was before they new ship came t light so it was the smaller old crew and just slipped into the back and watched them interact. And the thing that struck me was the warmth in the room and the pride they all had for each other’s accomplishments. I think I knew in that moment I was excatly where I needed to be.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Preem smiled softly and then nodded in understanding. “That sounds wonderful. A big family then? Truly a caring crew. We can work with that. I assume then that this feels like… home to you then? If yes do you feel this crew can, well, export that warm safety to the Federation, her allies, and maybe even her enemies?”

Dira was thoughtful for a moment before she responded, her dark gaze cast elsewhere. “I think it’s starting to become a home, yes. We’re still in the early sages of settling in and there is a large number of the crew that only just got here. Blending everyone together and getting to that place were a lot of things work seamlessly takes time. But when we do get there I can say one thing for sure. We all have made an oath, both to Starfleet, and in the case of a large chunk of the crew, an oath to medicine and the other health sciences. We’ve made an oath to each other and to our patients, to do no harm, to offer aid to whomever needs it regardless of who they are and whatever politics may be going on. Diplomacy is more than just sending in an ambassador and hoping it all goes well. I believe, and this is just one woman’s opinion, when we offer help in a time of need, offer a hand up when someone is down, we convey the core of who we are as a group of peoples who strive for an ideal. We won’t always get there. Sometimes we’ll fail, and hard. But we try and sometimes, especially in the hard moments? Well, that’s everything,” she said with a soft smile. This wasn’t some pretty little speech. She meant each and every word.

Commander Myqian, XO

Preem nodded throughout the whole answer making notes as Dira talked and then looked back up and smiled warmly, “One last question if I might, it is kind of a silly one, but if you could speak to yourself as a child, is there anything about this assignment you would tell her?”


“Mm, that is a good question sugar,” the stylist said before taking another big bite of danish and munching on it deep in thought before offering to Tija, “I don’t rightly know. I suppose it is easiest to say he is a good person in his soul. If you need something he will give it to you, he can be giving and demanding at the same time if he makes sense.”

Aizala nodded thoughtfully and then said, “I think I sort of understand how both can be true at the same time.”

She paused, silence settling over her before a wry grin spread across her lips, “And he is such a, what is the phrase, train wreck? You don’t want to watch but you can’t look away.”

GM Wombat

“I see,” Aizala nodded. She understood where the other woman was coming from, even though it didn’t really make sense to her. Her gaze wandering back towards the First Officer doing her interview, she was silent for a few moments before asking, “What exactly is the goal of this documentary? What are you all trying to convey with it?”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor


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“On the surface?” the stylist countered. “Well I suppose on the surface it is to justify the production of another ship in her class but knowing Farber he has something else in mind. Oh no he won’t tell you what it is if you ask, so don’t ask me, but he is noodling on something I think.”

GM Wombat

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