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Posted July 28, 2021, 6:49 a.m. by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) (J Ridgley)

Octavia was nervous, which didn’t help her at all especially when it was her turn to be tested. She’d already completed and passed the mandatory course work which was all documented in the file she was carrying around with her in the form of a PaDD, she’d also passed the multi-choice question exam paperwork which left her to just do one more test the practical.

Raain kept sending her positive thoughts but the Octavia in her was still strong and she could feel the nerves creeping in. Everything she’d done so far she’d consider a piece of cake and if she could pass this she’d be granted the entry level qualification as a Nurse, next step would be seniors and then Doctor or so she hoped. The FNSA or Federation Nursing Standards Agency was no joke either, compared to the civilian exams she would have to pass several phycological evaluation which followed after her practical to ensure she was suitable for Federation and more importantly Starfleet Medical, luckily she wouldn’t have to leave the ship for that either.

Lost in thought she didn’t even realise the holographic representative enter the room, “Miss Raain, its now time. I’ll take your credentials and you can enter when you’re ready. As you’re aware there are several mandatory safety criteria’s which will result in a referral to further training aswell as non-mandatory criteria’s in which a culmination of five or more faults will also result to a referral.” Seeing the young Trill in front of her she smiled, “Don’t worry you’ll do fine.” She held out her hand and waited of Octavia to hand her the PADD.

Octavia simply smiled and handed over the PaDD. “Thankyou.”

Sucking in a deep breath she entered through the single door and into the room, it was like any standard medical bay and it was empty much like the ones not always used on the Owie. Looking around there was a flicker and five older men and woman appeared.

“Good Afternoon Miss Raain, Your credentials check out and we are excited to get under way.” Started the middle eldest gentleman. “In this scenario you will be assisting Doctor Monroe the current medical examiner via holographic representation due to the nature of your settlement. The scenario will began rather suddenly so please don’t be taken a back, usually there is build up but in this instance but not our first in this case. Now, good luck and relax.”

The row of exam board reps disappeared and the room quickly went from calm to chaotic.

“Miss Raain, please your help.” Came a voice through the claxon and explosions, the ship rocked and Octavia did well to steady herself. Looking around she saw who she recognised as Doctor Monroe from the briefing package she’d received days before.

Raain paced towards the Doctor who quickly spilled forth a slurry of medical terms, “Yes, Ur” She picked up the medical tri-corder end began scanning, “The patient has three cracked ribs, a large laceration above the right eye and a puncture in the abdomen, there seems to be no foreign article’s.”

“Seems?” Asked Monroe his eyebrow arched.

Taking a breath, “There are no foreign articles embedded in the patient.” She flipped the tri-corder and then began to visually examine the body, she moved to the cupboard and put on two clinical gloves before slowly pressing her hand in a rolling motion across the body. The patient reacted, “Slightly Conscious and reactive to pain, no further bleeding and no signs of internal bleeding either Doctor”.

“Brilliant, lets dress the wounds apply some local anaesthetic and prepare them for surgery, I believe your specialisation is Nurse Antitheist correct?” Ofcourse he knew she was because that’s what she had put down followed by Emergency Nurse and finally Clinical Nurse.

“Yes Doctor” She said as a matter of fact. She watched as the Doctor prepared himself for surgery as he left for the surgical suit leaving her alone. This was where most of her points would be gained or deducted. The patient though semi-concious they were still reactive meaning that they may still be able to comprehend her, “Sir you will be going straight into theatre to repair your injuries sustained, I will be your nurse and my name is Octavia Raain. For now theres no need to worry while I prepare you for surgery if at any point you feel uncomfortable or your pain intensifies please blink or clench your fist.” The patient clenched their hand in understanding.

She began to hurry around picking up several instruments ready to administer the anaesthetic, she began by cutting away what was left of his T-Shirt and placing the mobile heart monitor above his heart. She retrieved a gown which in the center was joined together by Velcro to cover his exposed skin and then unlocked the bio-bed from its static position. Gliding the bed to the surgery room she entered and reengaged the lock under the lights, the room for now was brightly lit and the surgical lights dim.

“The patient is still responsive with pulse and heartrate stable, if you are ready I can administer the Anaesthetic.” Doctor Monroe nodded and Octavia went to work, “You may feel a wet coldness as I apply a sterilising fluid wipe to your right arm followed by a slight prick, if you can please count back from ten for me.” Octavia wiped away at the area where she would inject the needle and attached the anaesthetic, the patient likely making it only to six based of his size.

It was all over very quickly, and Octavia found herself gliding the biobed back to its original position the ship’s claxon had turned off during their time in surgery and the ship seemed calmer than before, whatever the scenario was it seemed to be over.

She finished up by cleaning up the area that had undergone the repair and left a cup of water beside the bed before turning to see the examiners board opposite.

“Thankyou Miss Raain, I wont keep you waiting as I suspect that Captain Taylor will want to welcome her latest Nursing addition. Congratulations.” Octavia beamed a smile, though she had the eval left unless she was clinically insane she was sure as hell now a nurse!

She left the holodeck and exam board behind her.

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