On the Fritz (Tag Meyer)

Posted July 28, 2021, 7:19 a.m. by Lieutenant Andi Meyer (Engineer) (Sharon Miller)

Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) in On the Fritz (Tag Meyer)
Walking into sickbay was normal, not being able to see not so normal. “Computer Turn on lights” She knew nobody had been in the secondary sickbay for some time but the lights typically came on whenever she entered. Nothing happened. “Computer Turn on the lights” There was a random flicker of lights and then darkness. “Computer run a level 2 diagnostic of the secondary sickbay light systems” Nothing. “Computer. Can. You. Hear. Me.” The room exploded in red and white light and a loud claxon causing Octavia to step back.

The room went silent again as soon as she exited. “Right.” She stormed towards the door only this time to be met with nothing but metal as she fell backwards onto the floor. Shacking her head and rubbing her nose she groaned. Standing up she felt a crunch underfoot and groaned as her comm badge lay smashed, well crushed on the floor. “There’s no way you’re winning” Time for reinforcements. She thought storming off towards engineering.

The trip didn’t take long her red nose and stormy face meant people stepped aside, nobody liked a short angry teenage Trill. Her mood improved as she entered engineering, “Excuse me?” She called out Comm Badge in one hand.

  • Octavia Raain

“Why, what did you do?” came a voice from somewhere off to the right.

If Octavia were to follow the sound then it would lead her to a console, currently scrolling through diagnostic readings. And to a woman in the seat by the console, bright pink hair piled on top of her head beneath a pair of brass goggles, non-regulation brown coveralls coated with oil and grime, and feet shod in a pair of ancient ‘chucks’ and currently propped up on the console surface to the left of the terminal screen.

“Something tells me you’re not here to clear that plasma blockage at junction B12,” the woman quipped around a gulp of bitter-smelling coffee.

  • Lt Andi Meyer (Eng)

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