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Already Zoi’s mind started working on strategies to keep the supplies safe during delivery either. Beaming the supplies would require a group of security individuals to make sure the items were distributed fairly. Shuttles required another security person for the shuttle itself. She didn’t trust Romulans as a rule. They often kept things secret that could endanger others. So, she waited for the terms to be settled.

Haven, CoS


Willow considered him. “Can you give us a situational update regarding the surface.” She asked the chairman.

While she waited for his response she shot Dira and then Zoi a glance.

Willow Taylor

For Octavia this was all rather exciting, she hadn’t expected to be involved in so much as a sensor sweep but to see the Captain and the main bridge staff in action was in her words, ace. Not having anything to say or to bring to the table she remained silent and observant.

  • Octavia Raain, Med Student

“I can have port control send you a copy of all meteorological reports for the last 48 earth hours and next 48 hours worth of predictions,” the Chairman answered rather obtusely. “There is rain, wind, a sandstorm all predicted to happen shortly, though the sandstorm will be on the other side of the planet.”

GM Wombat

Just after the Chairman finished his sentence, a bleep informed the crew on the Bridge that they had an incoming message. It was the voice of Lieutenant Kyle Anders, “”=^= Anders to Bridge, is Lieutenant Havan available?. =^=”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer- (CrossPost)

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