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Already Zoi’s mind started working on strategies to keep the supplies safe during delivery either. Beaming the supplies would require a group of security individuals to make sure the items were distributed fairly. Shuttles required another security person for the shuttle itself. She didn’t trust Romulans as a rule. They often kept things secret that could endanger others. So, she waited for the terms to be settled.

Haven, CoS


Willow considered him. “Can you give us a situational update regarding the surface.” She asked the chairman.

While she waited for his response she shot Dira and then Zoi a glance.

Willow Taylor

For Octavia this was all rather exciting, she hadn’t expected to be involved in so much as a sensor sweep but to see the Captain and the main bridge staff in action was in her words, ace. Not having anything to say or to bring to the table she remained silent and observant.

  • Octavia Raain, Med Student

“I can have port control send you a copy of all meteorological reports for the last 48 earth hours and next 48 hours worth of predictions,” the Chairman answered rather obtusely. “There is rain, wind, a sandstorm all predicted to happen shortly, though the sandstorm will be on the other side of the planet.”

GM Wombat

Just after the Chairman finished his sentence, a bleep informed the crew on the Bridge that they had an incoming message. It was the voice of Lieutenant Kyle Anders, “”=^= Anders to Bridge, is Lieutenant Havan available?. =^=”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer- (CrossPost)

Weather? Really? Okay, her turn. “Chairman, can you give us any information on the social situation down there? We’re about to bring supplies and personnel down to help, so we want to make sure we’re prepared to help in the best way possible. Where are people at coping wise and is there anything specific you think we can help with besides deliver supplies?”

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi’s eyes returned the Captain’s look. The Chairman side stepped the question and Zoi felt he absolutely did it on purpose. What could that mean to them and their mission? Only one word, trouble. At Dira’s more direct question, Zoi turned her gaze to the man, measuring him.

Haven, CoS

The chairman blinked slowly then rested his eyes before opening them a number of counts later, “Unless you can make this planet self sufficient again I am not sure what you can help with. Forgive me Captain, Commander, but I have a large number of problems breaking our reliance on an empire that no longer exists, much of it cannot be fixed with, how do you say, a band-aid. Your medical supplies are more than generous, and if you feel like setting up some clinics or something that would be useful, I suppose. Clean drinking water has been a problem in some sectors.”

He paused running a hand across his chin, “So there you have it. When you touch down you will find a once proud people struggling to make sense of the world around them. Who may or may not have a stomach parasite.”

GM Wombat

Octavia being the young budding Parasitology student, she had now craned her neck to see the view screen and the happening on the ship. This could just be the moment she was hoping to show everyone her worth on the ship and she was going to take the opportunity with both hands.

  • Octavia Raain

Dira nodded. “We have the ability to render assistance on different levels, and we will do so where we can. We have the capacity to set up a clinic very easily, so consider that already in progress. We can easily add water purification methods in the supplies we bring down. We can’t remake your society but if there are other ways we can relieve people’s suffering, do ask and we’ll see what we can do. But if I might ask, do you have a mental health team down there at all?” They were, after all a ship of mercy, there to offer aid in whatever way possible. It wasn’t just the physical body they treated.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Mental health is probably something, that we could use help with, yes,” he said with a small defeatist sigh. It was clearly difficult for the man to accept any help much less help from a ship that would have, not too long ago, been seen as a threat not a help. Having all of his people’s problems laid bare was not something he was used to or appreciated.

GM Wombat

The Romulans were an extremely proud people and Dira knew it took a lot for the Chariman to even have them here. He all but radiated resignation. “We’ll make sure we have teams available in rotations. And Chairman? We’re here to make sure that you and your people have what you, not just what we think you need. And I commend you for looking out so bravely for you people. They are lucky to have such a strong leader.” Oh to have ten minutes alone with the man! She could feel that place in her heart where it desperately wanted to ease the pain of another and in the Chairman she saw a man who could use a quiet and probably invisible boost.

Commander Myqian, XO

The man remained silent for sometime before giving one short, sharp nod to the XO then muttered, “Landing coordinates inbound. We await your arrival.” With that the screen went blank as the connection was severed. A few moments later ops received a beep with the landing location and a description of the area for Owie’s crews.

It was a perfect site to deploy at.

GM Wombat

She watched the man thoughtfully through his conversation with their XO. Zoi had to hope that the situation they were stepping into was not a riotous one and that while despondent, the people were not at that level of desperate. Truly desperate people did terrible things. With this in mind, she turned to the crew. “Keep your eye out for people who are shifty. What we have is freely given of course, but it is possible the government is not exactly in control everywhere.”

Haven, CoS

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