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Posted by Lieutenant Drake Marshall (Surgical Chief/ Emergency Medicine) in Mess Hall - Side Sim
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“At first, certainly.” Drake nodded, sipping his drink. “But then it seemed more and more people who’d never heard of these characters were seeing them. They didn’t stand out from the crowd on the ship too much visually but they definitely acted like they were in the middle of a soap opera. A strange time to be on the ship.”

-Drake Marshall

“And then you went right into a substance induced hallucination where a lot of people thought they were in child’s story,” Dira said with a laugh and a shake of her head. “Honestly, I was a little thrown off by it all, but at least it hadn’t happened on my first day. That certainly would have been quite the welcome.”

“Any other interesting moments from your career so far?”

Commander Myqian, XO

“Well I’ve been here for about three years… wow three years. Time flies doesn’t it?” Drake sat back and thought about that for a second. “But anyway. I was an emergency surgeon for two years which is as interesting as it is stressful. No two days are the same. That unit did, and I assume still does, amazing work.”

“I’ll have been a doctor for 10 years next year in 2398. It feels strange to get to that point.”

-Drake Marshall

Dir smiled. “I know the feeling. I’m at the twenty year mark in my career. They are important milestones and good times for reflection. Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to do so. You never know know what you will discover if you let yourself pause long enough to listen. And… Therapist Dira rises again,” she said with a light laugh.

Commander Myqian, XO

Drake laughed. “Therapist, Physician, in these these careers you’re always on call just a little bit.” He looked out the window for a second. “Maybe I’ll actually take my annual leave next year and celebrate.” Drake returned to the conversation at hand. “Did you do anything special to celebrate 20?”

-Drake Marshall

“Not exactly. But then again it’s come with a major promotion and career change, so you could say I’m constantly in the process of evaluating where I’m at right now. I’m still settling into the role I think,” Dira said with a pensive smile. “But leave is good, use it. Sometimes we need space away from our everyday routine to see what is and isn’t working in our lives. And you might have the right idea too. Maybe I should do something more specific to celebrate,” she said with a shrug.

Commander Myqian, XO

Drake returned the shrug. “I’ve heard from people far more mentally healthy than myself that marking milestones is satisfying. You know I wouldn’t even begin to know where to go or what to do with leave? I usually just take a week on the ship when someone tells me I have to, and nothing special happens.”

-Drake Marshall


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