Walker's Walkabout (open thread)

Posted Sept. 19, 2021, 5:02 p.m. by Commander Brad Walker (Chief Of Staff/Second Officer) (Brandon Irvine)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) in Walker’s Walkabout (open thread)

Posted by Commander Brad Walker (Chief Of Staff/Second Officer) in Walker’s Walkabout (open thread)
With the Owie on its way to the planet in need of their goods and/or services, said goods all accounted for and secured, and all intake exams finally completed for the ten-times-enlarged crew (and assorted hangers-on), Brad found himself… bored.

It was something that had plagued him from time to time since moving to Administration more than ten years ago, the lack of anything he was truly, directly responsible for that happened with almost depressing regularity. Almost everything that did come up was something that could be pawned off on a junior officer. It was something he’d realized early on in his disastrous posting at Corvan V, which had thankfully been eventful enough that he was kept too busy running around honing his diplomatic skills that he’d been unable to truly be bored.

But he’d realized the potential for boredom Administrative roles held, and it was part of why he’d moved into a teaching role once he’d returned to Earth. The cases were never enough to overwhelm, but they were always interesting, and while it was a supervisory role, he still had a hands-on part to play from time to time as well, when the trainees were just too inexperienced to do a particular procedure.

Now, though, he reflected as he strolled aimlessly through a corridor somewhere on, he thought, Deck 4, he was back in an almost fully Administrative role. He, theoretically, had Underlings who were responsible for most of the day-to-day business of running a starship’s medical team, leaving him to personnel management and the other minutiae of running a starship’s medical team.

He said theoretically because it appeared being his Number Two was a revolving door. Whoever came in to replace Commander… the Andorian… would be his… fourth? fifth? Since coming on board. It was already bad enough he couldn’t really remember any of their names, apart from Lt. Bonner, who’d left and was now back, but in a different role only slightly attached to his Department.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff (Introspective)

Coming around a corner was the young woman he had been thinking of. Alexis was in the midst of her own intrrospection. Current events that only she and 3 others were aware of were weighing on her and making her angry at herself, life, and wondering what it might be like to NOT be her. To not be a child genius, not be so incredibly good at her job. The intense research in R&D and medical research kept her mind busy and unjumbled. However, despite being horrible with people Alexis had liked, maybe even loved, being a doctor. Helping people, making their lives just a little bit better. She had worked hard to get the AMO position on Ogawa, and then she’d thrown it away for fear. To get away from…from douchebag. She hadn’t known what else she could do, and she’d felt like she had no one to ask for help. So she’d thrown it all away, and she loathed herself. Her current work kept her busy and satisfied her mind, but she wasn’t happy in her work. But did that matter for someone like her?

So it was that she and Frigga were walking the corridor before heading back to one of only two places she really felt safe on the ship. Frigga nudged her back to reality before she bumped into the other person in the hall. Looking up, Alexis moved to the side before she bumped into Walker. “Hello Dr. Walker.”

Bonner, med research

“Oh, hello Dr. Bonner,” Brad said, shaken out of his thoughts by the sound of someone speaking to him. He noticed the small dog walking beside her. “Is this Frigga?”

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

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