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Posted by Chief Petty Officer Oscar Cameron Cascarrabias Demalia (Engineer (Grouch)) in Main Sim - Cargo Bay 3 AKA the Green Room

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Cargo Bay 3 AKA the Green Room
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Preem arrived in Cargo Bay 3 with her assistants in tow quickly they began to start unpacking crates and setting up makeup stations, hair stations, various other prep areas and… a snack table. It seemed that Golfink for all of his many many flaws was not so cruel as to starve his actors, or perhaps his assistant was just more forward thinking, but every manner of finger food was available.

Within a matter of hours the cargo bay was transformed into a waiting area on one side and an interview area on the next.

GM Wombat

Many hours later…

Oscar strode in, glad to know that he’d managed to hash out an actual duty schedule for the Ogawa‘s Engineering crew so that these interviews were mandatory assignments now instead of heavy suggested activities. Of course, Oscar didn’t want anybody to know that it had been his idea to do it this way, so he was scowling, and he finally was wearing one of the isolation suits that had accidentally been mixed in with the regular ship supply. Oscar had completely wiped the software on all of them and installed his custom setup, just for the fun of it, although whether or not anybody realized that it was a scaled-down GORBI AI from the Trafalgar-class was another matter entirely. He strode over to somebody who looked to be the scheduling assistant.

“So, you guys didn’t get enough footage of me already, I heard,” Oscar said. “What haven’t you already asked me?”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Preem had wrapped up with another interview when Oscar came in. “Oh… Hello there uh,” she was a little taken aback by the green man in the isolation suit but quickly recovered and motioned to the table, “danish? We have, uh, apple?”

After a moment the assistant smile warmly, “I suppose what did you already tell one of the interviewers?”

GM Wombat

“I think I’ll pass on the food if you don’t know what’s in it,” Oscar said. “I typically prefer to choose my ingredients. Anyway, one of your people found me specifically, asked me to talk about my time in Starfleet, and followed me to my new quarters on board. I showed some artifacts from my past - I collect things instead of tossing them into replicator reclamation; call me sentimental - and then we went to Engineering. I showed her the layout of the place, noted the horizontal core, told her why we’ve got one instead of a vertical arrangement. Then my boss showed up and we started talking about giving you guys an external shot of the Ogawa from some shuttles from Starbase One Five Seven.”

He paused for a second to consider, then looked around.

“I didn’t exactly give everything in my personal history, and the Engineering talk was pretty brief once Lieutenant Mason showed up, but apparently there are some form questions that you guys need answered. Oh, also, since I didn’t have my suit, I didn’t get to do this. Say, ‘Hello,’ suit.”

It was a function he hadn’t gotten the chance to use since his reassignment, but it was always fun to do. The suit connected to the nearest audio output on the ship, and in the voice of the Trafalgar-class‘ GORBI AI, it responded.

“Greetinks, comrade, and whoever is also present. How em I beink of sarvice?”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Preem seemed a little downcast at the rejection of the pastry but then quickly her face lit up at the Russian accented AI. “Oh that is quite interesting Chief!,” She said with a child like glee before motioning towards the interviewing chair behind her shoulder, “If you would like we can go settle down over there and get to the questions. I am sure they will be quite easy, just a quick review of what you feel life on the Ogawa is like, what you like, dont like, what drew you to this assignment. Things like that.”

GM WOmbat

“Sure,” Oscar said, although he looked at the chair with a bit of bemusement. “Hopefully you can get it reupholstered once this is all done; that’ a lot of glutes in that chair over a short amount of time, it’s bound to leave an imprint.”

He went over and, as if to prove his point, slumped into the chair, suit and all, and lounged as lazily as possible.

“Let’s do this.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

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