Side sim: Medical Labs - Problem children make the best role models

Posted Oct. 16, 2021, 3:59 p.m. by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) (Calé Reilly)

After the news that her previous CSO had to transfer Willow had spent some time looking over the resumes of those that could be considered for the role. There were two standouts, both from other ships and capable officers at that but while each one was exemplary something else niggled at the back of her mind.

It wore at her like a headache and the more it wore the less she was able to work. Finally, after an hour she sent a quick memo to Dira with the two officers that would work and a statement saying that she actually didn’t want either…and had an idea. That done she headed to the labs.

Entering the redhaired woman lost no time in finding the source of the niggling annoying headache. She made a beeline directly for Kane. Her expression determined. She heard the NE working nearby Kane go. “Uhoh…your in trouble.” Under his breath and make a hasty exit.

“A word if you please Doctor.” She said to the tattooed man.

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