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Posted Oct. 16, 2021, 7:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) (Nicole Cline)

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Starfleet Medical Journal

Issue [XXXXXXX] Vol [XXXX}
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New Advancement in Predictive AI Diagnosis Algorithms By Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont, PhD of Artificial Intelligence

[An abstract that details the main finding of the research, an introduction of herself and the current predictive algorithms used currently in the field and the objective of her research and algorithm, her testing methodologies and an introduction to the data used for testing, then roughly a hundred pages of math, code and such much data regarding the new algorithm and the results from trial tests. A discussion comparing the results to those made by current algorithms, and a recommendation of how this new model may be used within the medical field. Due to the algorithm’s highly accurate predictions, it could be utilized predicting infection and progress of disease. However, further research and testing are required before this new algorithm is made available to medical equipment. The research paper ends with Lt. Jgr. Belmont’s contact information.]

V’alura Belmont, Lt. Jgr., USS Ark Angel ( Link to Original Post)

It was normal for Solal to read the newest research in the medical field, it was essentially his primary hobby. It was that day, reading papers in his quarters, that he came across a particularly interesting article, about using AI to diagnose patients. It caught his interest, there were quite a lot of applications he could think of. But there were questions he needed answers. How did it work? What kind of molecules could it find? What else would it be capable of? The author’s contact information was listed at the bottom of the paper. A fellow Starfleet officer, she was apparently a junior Lieutenant on the Ark Angel… a ship he hadn’t heard of before. He considered it for a while, before drafting a letter:

Dear Lt JG V’alura Belmont,

I am a Doctor aboard the USS Ogawa. [The letter went on to list his qualifications]. I have read and am rather interested in your research regarding the use of AI in the medical field. I believe it has potential to be a great tool, however I have some questions. How does this algorithm work? What kinds of molecules and processes can it predict? What else do you expect it to be able to do? I would be most interested to see this technology move forward. If this letter is unwanted, please disregard. Otherwise, I await your answer.

Lt JG Solal, Immunology
[The letter contained an electronic signature.]

Solal gave it one more read over before sending it off, to reach the Ark Angel.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

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