Another Ship, Another Boarding, New Possibilities

Posted Oct. 17, 2021, 6:24 p.m. by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Chief of Psychiatry) in Another Ship, Another Boarding, New Possibilities

Posted by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) in Another Ship, Another Boarding, New Possibilities

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Chief of Psychiatry) in Another Ship, Another Boarding, New Possibilities
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A large man sat at the helm of a shuttlecraft and carefully watched as a timer ticked down. When the timer terminated he brought the shuttle out of warp and was met with the impressive view of the Ogawa. He had briefly seen it docked at Starbase 157 but hadn’t paid it much attention at the time as the circumstances had him focused elsewhere. His reverie was broken as he received a communication asking his purpose.

=/\=This is Lieutenant Iven to the Ogawa. Requesting permission to dock in the shuttlebay.=/\=

A brief pause was followed by an affirmative to his request. With a deft hand that was gained over the money years of supply runs on his dad’s freighter, he brought the shuttle in to a feathery landing. Séan let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He was finally here after what felt like a long flight out. The time spent travelling to his new posting left him with thoughts and reflecting that he would sooner done without, but those things always tended to creep back in when one let their guard down. Hopefully his posting here would be filled with less conflict than his last. At least he was familiar with some of the crew as they rendered aid to the Athena. That would surely help him fit in a little quicker and more easily.

After taking in a deep breath and letting it out, Séan wiped his hands over his face in a vigorous motion to both wake himself up and to clear his thoughts. He stood and grabbed his trusty duffel bag before keying the shuttle door open. He put his professional smile on his face just in case and took a step out into his new life.

CoP Iven

The professional smile was a good idea it seemed because as soon as the poor man had stepped foot on the deck plating a woman in red with skin like porcelain, red cheeks and platinum blond hair down to her waist bounded into sight. She gave him the widest grin imaginable. Almost inhuman. Excitedly she waved the large PaDD she carried at him.

“Good afternoon Lieutenant Iven! Can I call you Lieutenant Iven? I’m Ensign Charlie. I’m from HR. Welcome to the Ogawa. If you could please just place your palm here for computer recognition purposes I can give you your new uniform and comm badge.” She signsonged at Sean, her smile never faltering.

Ens Charlie
Demonic HR representative

Séan looked at the very energetic ensign in front of him with a dash of skepticism. Was this a prank? A right of passage or hazing for new crew? He was kind of used to strange crew, so he shelved those thoughts as he placed his palm on the PaDD. The PaDD was just barely large enough to accommodate the size of his hand.

“You may call me Lieutenant Iven if you wish, but I usually just go by Séan.” He rumbled out his response while keeping the smile in place. “Do you think they have uniforms to my size or will a few have to be custom made?”

CoP Iven

Charlie grinned. “Thank you Lieutenant.” She said as the PaDD scanned. “Oh no we already had your measurements sent over from headquarters the uniform is custom made for everyone’s comfort and antibacterial needs.”

The PaDD meanwhile turned blue.P and a softly spoken male computer voice said. “Welcome Lieutenant Séan Iven, designation Chief Psychiatric Officer. Pack number 307. System now recognises staff entry. Voice print and bio signs downloaded from file. Welcome to the Uss Ogawa Lieutenant, my name is GALEN please swap out your current comm badge for full interface experience.”

Charlie produced a starfleet issue box with the number on it from nowhere and offered him a new badge. A slightly updated variation of the starfleet comm badge he wore with a Caduceus engraved in the metal.

Ens Charlie

Séan took off his badge with one hand and received the offered one with the other. “Thank you GALEN and Charlie. I’m happy to be here. I’ve had a pleasant experience with some of your crew back when the Athena was docked along with the Ogawa at Starbase 157.” He affixed the new badge to his uniform and made sure it was straight. “When will the Captain be expecting me? What shift is it currently?”

CoP Iven

“Beta shift just started.” A new voice said. Charlie’s grin widened and she bounced slightly on the balls of her feet turning to look for the voice’s owner. Approaching both was a woman with a short red Bob and a red uniform. Willow smiled warmly and extended a hand when she was in range.

“Lieutenant, welcome back to the Ogawa. I trust your journey was uneventful.” She said

Willow Taylor

Séan gently took the offered hand into his own, almost making Willow’s hand disappear. “Thank you Captain. And thank you for having me. The shuttle trip was boring with nothing but unclassified personnel and medical records to read through. I’m looking forward to getting into the confidential reports and seeing how best I can help.”

CoP Iven

Willow raised her eyebrows in a bemused sort of way as he hand vanished and then chuckled. “The pleasure is entirely ours. Well I’m not sure if I should say I hope we have more adventures for you going forward or wish that we keep that level of boring. Shall we?” She indicated the way out.

“Thank you Ensign.” She said to Charlie who grinned and bounced excitedly before leaving ahead of them.

Willow Taylor

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