SB 157- Finally a Date

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Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB 157- Finally a Date

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With a light laugh, Dira squeezed Zoi’s hand again for a moment. “It can be awkward. Even the best therapist or doctor can get frazzled when there is a misunderstanding and crossing of signals. But in any case all the better for me, because I get a Zoi Haven that is curious and open to new experiences. Lucky me,” she said with a glimmer in her dark eyes.

Lifting her drink glass, Dira gazed at the beautiful women sat with her and was awed. “To taking chances and following our hearts, wherever they may lead.”

Commander Haven, XO

Zoi took up her glass and clinked it gently to Diras as she looked her date in the eyes. “To being open and allowing ourselves happiness.” She responded.

“Agreed,” Dira said.

No matter how this relationship ended up, Zoi was glad she was finally letter herself be happy in whatever form that was. She may not be able to share that happiness with her mother, but she could enjoy it nonetheless. Life had been hard for far too long. Now was the time for her to finally step forward. It was a weird sensation but not a bad one.

She took a sip to finish out the toast and turned her attention to the food, trying more bites. “So, tell me about you as the therapist. Why did you choose that field?”

Haven, CoS

“Hmmm,” Dira said, setting her drink glass back down but twirling it slowly in her fingertips. “Well, my mother is a neuroscientist, and I gravitated towards science as well, but something about my mixed heritage means I have a lower ability to put up full shields. In reality that means I’m just generally always more aware of people and have to work harder to put up barriers. But being open to people in that way just made me very curious about the way people think and feel and wonder why they acted the way they did. Couple that with my parents eventually divorce and all of us doing a bit of therapy to ensure we as a family unit were okay just sparked my curiosity. I just really like people and I’m very curious about them. But I chose to get my medical degree and go into psychiatry specifically, because I still loved the science and medicine side of it. I believe there is room for a holistic approach to a person’s well being.”

Commander Myqian, XO

She nodded. It sounded like a natural evolution of Dira’s abilities into a career that suited her. Zoi was glad to hear that her parents had thought to do family counseling post-divorce. She knew it to be a helpful activity especially for the parents to understand how to successfully co-parent after the stress of divorce. “Then why go into command? Why not continue treating people?”

Haven, CoS

That was always the question and perhaps at some point it would be less of a sticking point, but natural curiosity made people want to understand. The thing was that some days Dira didn’t entirely understand herself. There was the the situation and then there was what it sparked in her, what she might have been unconsciously avoiding. She twirled the fork in her fingers, the tines catching stray beams of setting sunlight. Rolling her lips inward, Dir pressed down on her lower lips and and inhaled deeply.

“Because… I was meant for more.” Myqian shook her head. “Don’t get me wrong. I loved my work, dealing with patients and I miss it greatly some days, but there was a major event that changed everything.” She set the fork down and folded her arms on the table. “A very long story short, I was on an away mission where we were trying to rescue some miners on an asteroid. There had been an explosion and the force of it had shifted the asteroid’s orbit and it was being pulled into a nearby gas giant. The asteroid field was too difficult for the larger starship to get to, so we went by shuttle. Our XO was leading the team and… well, he was an idiot. He made stupid mistakes and nearly got us killed and after he was told off by the same person who is now the Ogawa’s Chief Engineer, I realized that the XO was in no state to make decisions. He was compromised. I removed him from duty using my authority as CNS and as the new ranking officer I took over leading the team…

Dira inhaled, her demeanour brightening. “It sucked, and yet… Oh Zoi, something shifted in me. I’d never been in that sort of position before, with something where lives were at stake and time was of the essence. We got those miners out safely and were rescued ourselves by another shuttle due to the ineptitude of the XO. I didn’t make the decision to do Command training right away, and there was an inquiry. The Commander accused me of mutiny and if he had even a modicum of credibility in the situation, I might have faced a court martial, but I was told very pointedly that I made the right decision and hadn’t abused my power.” She shrugged. “And now I’m here.” A simple summary for a complicated and emotional event.

Commander Myqian, XO

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