Side Sim: Getting Settled in The Office

Posted Oct. 17, 2021, 9:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by GALEN (AI) in Side Sim: Getting Settled in The Office
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Séan wandered on down to the Psychiatry suite to settle in with his new office and staff. The Ogawa was a large ship for a medical ship and it was nice, if a bit daunting, to see all of the space they were given. Hopefully they never had a need to fill the occupancy limit. He walked into the main reception before looking around.

CoP Iven

A computer confirmation noise sounded and in a slight glow of blue and a shimmer a young woman with blonde hair and glasses wearing the green colour that the other psychological staff seemed to have on appeared. She looked around and relaxed from the attention stance the holo emitters had created her at. Seeing Séan she chewed a second and blew a bubble of bright pink gum.

“Well hey there.” She said in a strong Earth Brooklyn accent. “You got an appointment toots?”

reception Hologram

Coming through the door the tri-colored Icelandic Sheepdog, wearing a psychiatry green working vest, whinned happily with a small yip at HARLEEN. Frigga didn’t understand why HARLEEN had no scent but she was familiar to the dog. Seeing another person there and getting a whiff of their scent made her way her tail and sit politely. She turned her head waiting for her ‘mommy’ to come though the door as well. A moment later Lt Bonner, in her white styled medical uniform, stepped through the door as well.

Frigga, thera-pet
Bonner, AMO

Another pink bubble popped and HARLEEN seemed suddenly absorbed in the dog. She bent down to talk to Frigga now ignoring poor Séan. “Look at you all proud in your vest. How’s it goin’ pumpkin you having a good day huh? Ready for some therapy sessions? Who’s a good girl?”

Frigga’s tongue lolled out the side and she raised a paw as if to say ‘I am.’

As the AMO entered HARLEEN straightened. “How’s it goin’ Doc?” She asked.

Reception Hologram

Alexis grinned. She adored the AIs and holographic staff on board. She preferred them to people…well most people. Things had changed recently. “Very well, HARLEEN. I heard there was a new CoP and thought I should bring Frigga to say hello.”

Séan just kind of took in everything that was happening. A holographic receptionist? A therapy dog? A doctor doctor and not a counsellor or psychiatrist? Interesting. He shook off his reverie and answered the hologram. “No, not a patient. I’m Séan and I’m taking the Chief of Psychiatry position.” He knelt slowly and held out the back of his hand in way of greeting to the dog.

CoP Iven

Frigga sniffed the hand and then wagged her tail. But stayed sitting politely. Alexis noticed HARLEEN accessing the computer as it were and waited standing at an at ease attention. More because good posture was healthy than a strict adherence to military protocol.

HARLEEN seemed to take this in her stride. She straightened from speaking to Frigga and her eyes glazed over for a second, she then shook her head. “System has been updated. Sorry ‘bout that.” She said and her body language relaxed again. Raising a hand she indicated around them. “Well in that case welcome to the counselling deck. Let me give ya the tour.”

She moved towards the Center of the space. “The suite can hold up to 60 patients. This is the main entrance point, here. It’s gots lots of features. Aseptic entry lobby, central controlled isolation doors and holoemitters throughout so that the Medial holograms and yours truly can work anywhere in the suit that’s needed.”

She gave a smile and indicated her desk. “This is the reception Center and waiting area. This is my desk.” She indicated the right hand side “ On the right here is the counselling portion of our little home from home. Your office is down there. There’s also two duty offices, the group therapy area and individual therapy rooms. There’s also two holo suites and some real relaxing reflection meditation rooms.” She then indicated a secure entry door the left hand side. “ Annnnnnnnnd on the left hand side is the psychiatric care portion of the deck. It’s secure entry so you’ll need to have logged into the system to get in. In there is another two on-duty offices, a larger group therapy room and two wards divided into two separate areas: lower risk and moderate/high risk. The lower risk contains three more individual therapy rooms, some individual patient quarters, a small ward area with psychiatric care enabled biobeds and a central communal space for therapy, eating, and recreation. It hosts a third holosuite for therapy use. The moderate/high risk is similar to the lower risk area without the holosuite access and with only individual patient rooms. It can only be accessed with medical, security or command clearance. “

She turned In a pirouette. “And that brings us back here.” She smiled. “If you let me know your preferred drink of choice, yea, coffee, raktijino…I can have one on your desk each duty shift for ya.”

Reception Hologram

After the new CoP was finished with HARLEEN Alexis introduced herself. “Lt Alexis Bonner. Assistant Chief Medical Officer.” She offered her hand for a crisp hand shake. She probably seemed a little young for such a position and she was polite but seemingly distracted. “And this girl,” she motioned toward the dog, “is Frigga. She’s my dog, but she is a trained service and therapy dog. So she helps out when needed.”

Frigga, thera-pet
Bonner AMO

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