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With a small smile playing across her lips, Aizala looked Dira before then glancing around the cargo bay once more. She wanted to do her part and help. Even if she didn’t see why such a documentary was necessary. And yet she was very nervous about the kind of questions that might be asked. So she remained silently rooted to the spot.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

Preem followed Dira over to the pastry table and saw Tija, offering her a small smile. “Ah Lieutenant, are you here for your interview? Did you have a danish?” She paused and motioned to the side, towards the chair, “If you want to take a seat and get comfortable we can have a quick conversation. Hopefully put your mind at ease.”

GM Wombat

“Maybe and no,” Aizala replied and glanced from Preem to the chair to Dira and then back to Preem. She knew she was being silly for feeling so … uneasy about this. After all: what could happen, really? So she took deep breath, squared her narrow shoulders and walked over to she chair and sat down.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

Preem smiled warmly at the doctor, attempting to put her at ease.

“Tell me, Doctor. What made you choose the Owie? We are a long way from home after all.” She reached forward and poured herself a glass of water and then leaned back, “And why did you want to become a doctor in the first place? What makes you love it?”

GM Wombat

“That depends on what you consider ‘home’,” Aizala replied softly and then continued, “I actually didn’t choose the Ogawa. After my last posting I had to go on medical leave. I was sent here for recovery and then return to duty on this ship as well. As for why I wanted to become a doctor: I was born on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation. Where we lived one of the women took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew about treating wounds and herbal medicine. After all, while you need people who know how to fight, you also need those who know how to treat the sick and the wounded. Later I received further training at one of the medical facilities on Bajor before deciding that I wanted to see more of the galaxy now that we were able to leave and pursue any career we liked. So I joined Starfleet.” There was, of course, much more to that, but she didn’t like talking about the traumatic events in her past. And especially not in a public interview.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

The woman smiled warmly and gave off a comforting feeling, “I see I see. So do you enjoy your work? Is the Ogawa your first posting?” She paused a moment more then added, “If you were to tell someone if you could go back and tell that new cadet something about joining the fleet what would it be?”

GM Wombat

“I do. A lot actually,” Aizala replied with a soft smile. “And no, it isn’t. I’ve been a doctor in Starfleet for ten years now. My first posting was on the USS Rickmer Rickmers for three years. Followed by four years on the USS Krusenstern and then two years on one of our Academy ships, the USS Challenger. As to what I would tell my younger self?” She tilted her head slightly to the side and ran her index finger back and forth along a small part of the scar that ran along her hairline from her right temple to her right ear.

“I would probably tell her that learning to take care of herself is just as important as learning even more how to take care of others. Or else she can’t fulfil her full potential,” Aizala finally added softly, almost demurely.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

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