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“‘Sup.” Kane said to the Chairman with nary a look and dropped the case to the ground and looked at the XO. “Shelter they’ll have, crappy as it is. And no one here will probably trust us enough to go in anywhere we set up. They’ll be scared, skittish, and probably a bit hostile. You’ll need to get ‘em to trust you, first. And nothing garners trust faster than a full belly with no strings attached. I’ll get my crew on the water issue. But you wanna ease this whole process? Get some foodstuffs sent down and start giving it away as fast as you can. Oh, and we’ll need some solid security set up as well. Otherwise we’re just gonna get robbed.” he said flatly.. looking at the Chairman, Kane said “Where you get your water from then, big guy? And how do you move it?”

“Yeah, we got that.” Zoi whispered behind Kane before turning to the nearly full roster of security folks she had present. “Let’s go huddle up for assignments!”

Bonner glanced at Kane and then Myqian. Kane would know better than anyone else on board. She wondered if Myqian understood that. She looked around again with a new perspective, but without the personal experience that would allow her to have the level of empathy the people here deserved. She spotted a nice level area big enough for the mobile hospital. =/\=Bonner to Engineering. Begin beaming down the mobile hospital, 20 meters north east of my current position.=/\=

=/\= Engineering to Bonner. No can do, Lieutenant, and you would know that if you had bothered to pay attention to the details regarding the mobile hospitals we keep in the belly of the Ogawa, =/\= came back a grouchy voice with a Spanish accent. =/\= We can definitely start orbital deployment procedures, although twenty meters is minimum landing clearance for one of the mobile hospital units, so you may want to change your coordinates a bit. Then again, if you like having thruster wash in your face, stay right where you are and we can launch it right now. Your call, though. =/\=

Kane looked at Bonner and the XO and grinned. “And you thought I was a d!<k.”

This time Dira rolled her eyes bit bit back the response that rose to mind.

=^=I am well aware of that Chief. However, that is the only viable location to put it. Deployment is your area of expertise. You get it here however you feel is best.=^=

=/\= Oh, glad to know that my judgment is being valued. Anyway, the mobile hospital will be on its way momentarily, although it’s going to make a pretty red streak on the atmosphere, so please let everyone know that it isn’t an orbital strike. Engineering, out. =/\=

Bonner turned to Myqian and the Chairman. “We need to move people to a safe distance, so they can bring the mobile hospital down. We don’t want anyone hurt by the ‘thruster wash’ as Chief Cascarrabias put it. Since the Ogawa won’t be landing I believe he is going to begin orbital deployment procedures. It will be a tight fit to get the unit to the designated area.”

=/\=Bonner to Emergency Medical Hospital Teams. We have the location, once engineering beams the structure down, start sending teams.=/\=

=/\=Bonner to Walker. Sir we’ve started moving the mobile hospital and supplies down.=/\=

=/\=Understood,=/\= Brad replied. =/\=We’ll be standing by up here to receive any cases you can’t handle.=/\=

The medical white and blue clad woman, medical kit hanging from her shoulder, stepped up to Myqian. “Ma’am, when the pleasantries are done, I can begin triaging over there, while the hospital is set up.” Bonner pointed to an area just off the tents that was slightly shaded. “The first supplies will include the enhanced water rations we prepared.”

Bonner, AMO

Dira nodded. “Agreed.”

Kane, CSO

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

OOC: I helped design the modules, so I couldn’t resist.

Oscar Cascarrabias

Lt Bonner, AMO

“And while you all play General Contractor, Chairman, where do you get your water from? Where is the source?
Kane, CSO

“In this sector?” Dikeel mused as he looked to an assistant briefly then back to Kane, “I believe of the two camps in the sector one still has running water of a sort. We haven’t been able to get the necessary supplies to do the testing required to ensure that it is contamination free. The second one,” he pointed to the one that they were closest to, “Has access to the aquifer but the automatic pumps are broken. They have been making do with hand pumps and buckets.”

He motioned towards the vast landing strip area behind them. “Make it fit. I suppose, unless you have the resources to move all of these tents this is as close as you are going to get, unfortunately.” He lifted his shoulder once in something that looked like a shrug.

At the landing site a hum of transporters started, the medical supplies and teams started to beam down, along with three figures mixed in with the crowed. “Prophets it is dirty,” Golfink mentioned to the twins. “I am beginning to regret this assignment.”

GM Wombat

Bonner made a quick jog over, “Alright we have to move this stuff. The hospital building will be landing soon and I don’t want accidents because anyone was in the way. You will go to the bottom of my triage line.” She grabbed a crate and started moving things out of the way. “I want triage over there where the most shade is on the side with the tents. Get that water ready to pass out just past triage. Medical and surgical teams get your stuff and move to the opposite side so you’re clear of the crowds to set up once the building lands.

OOC: Who all from medical is coming down to the surface????

She turned to her Security teams. “Okay. I want a team to help with the establishment of the mobile hospital. Keep people back at a safe distance. You are going to be a bare bones team as I doubt they would rush that facility just yet.”

“Second team, I want you to assist in handing out food. Keep it orderly and reassuring. I don’t want you to strong arm anyone but keep the lines moving. Be all smiles and compassion. Repeat to them that we have plenty of food. These people are hungry and some are desperate. Let’s try the honey approach before we get tough. Keep an eye on your firearms and each other.”

“Third team, go with Kane to make sure he is able to do his work on the water source. Coordinate with him.”

“Fourth team is for Psychiatry. They are going to be setting up mental health services. No doubt there will be impatient people but they might also need some help to keep their area safe. Coordinate with them for how best they wish you to present yourselves.”

“The safety of our crew is important. Remember, they have a mission here to help these people. Strong arming isn’t going to help when people are this hungry, this tired, and this desperate for help. Keep things as calm and reassuring as possible. You are here to facilitate the safe distribution of our services. We will all be safer if the people here trust us at our word, trust that we are here to help. Outward attitude will be paramount to this goal and I know you all can do this. Checkins every 20 minutes. Come to me if you need anything. I’ll be coordinating here for now.”

((OOC: Kieron pick a team. You’ll be in charge of them and NPC the team. The rest of the teams will be NPC’s coordinated by me.)

Haven, CoS

Bonner walked over to Haven, “Lt. Haven. We have water prepared, enhanced for their specific biochemical specifications. It came down with the medical supplies. The labs on board are making more, so there is plenty. Are you alright with me having a couple medics help pass it out with your teams? That way the people don’t have to make two lines for food and water?”

Dira focused on Dikeel for a moment. “Do you have anyone in the medical field we can coordinate with? It would be better for all it we had someone to liaise with.” She had spotted Golfink and would most definitely deal wth him in a moment but she wanted to make sure that everyone had their orders. And so help her if the camera crew hot in the faces of these people, she would raise some hell!

Commander Myqian, XO

The chairman stopped and shook his head slowly. “I don’t have anyone off the top of my head. Perhaps the former health minister is around here somewhere I can scrounge him up and get him to come talk with you.” He worked his lower jaw for a moment then glanced at Kane as he started to storm off.

Kane looked at the three Security JO’s that walked up to him and he groaned. “Seriously?!” he shouted to the XO and Security Chief. “I’ll be fine on my own! I don’t need Larry, Moe, and Curly getting in my way!”

Growling and cursing under his breath, Kane and the Security Team began walking towards the camp with running water that had not been tested. “I swear by all the gods in heaven and hell… if any of you jokers get killed, it’s totally on you. And I absolutely will leave you behind. So don’t get killed, got it?!”

Kane, CSO

Bonner shook her head and wondered who Larry, Moe, and Curly were. She knew one of the security JO’s by name and it wasn’t Larry, Moe, or Curly. She was too busy to say anything, but he’d better not come back with any new scars. “Lt Segal. I could use your assistance with triage. Once the hospital is started I’d like you to take over general physicals and well checks.” She reached into her medical kit on her shoulder, pulling out her tricorder, as she made her way over to the triage area looking to see who she should start with.

Bonner, AMO

Golfink, for his part, stayed out of the way mostly. If you can call hiding under a large hat with massive sunglasses staying out of the way. He and the other cameramen were setting up filming the action as the crew started their setting up. For once in their whole time with the Owie they were staying out of the way, mostly because the crew seemed to be doing something exciting.

GM Wombat

It’s Solal, he corrected in his head, but the half-Vulcan said nothing about it. Instead he simply said, “Yes, Lieutenant,” and pulled out his own tricorder in preparation to help complete the physicals.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

As the crew on the ground was making preparations, a bright flash in the sky, almost like an asteroid burning up in the atmosphere, shone directly above them, although it dissipated almost as soon as it appeared. About ten seconds later, a man in an isolation suit with Engineering gold trim and CPO rank insignia beamed down about fifteen meters away from the designated landing area. He was holding a PADD, and he immediately started using it.

“Okay, atmospheric entry seems to have gone well,” the Grouch said. “Can’t believe I had to manually calculate the angle of approach, that was a ridiculous programming oversight. And, yep, have to adjust the descent orbit to local gravity which the computer also couldn’t be bothered to just put in itself. Of course Starfleet Technical wouldn’t think that specialty equipment would need specialty automation. Well, at least they thought to automate the actual landing, because I am a terrible pilot.”

He was clearly talking to himself, and so half of it came out untranslated in Spanish, making it a jumbled mess for anyone else to understand. Once Oscar was satisfied that the emergency hospital would land and deploy correctly, he looked around.

“Okay, where’s Bonner? Summon a hospital, get a hospital, but it is brand new equipment, so I’m going to babysit it for a bit.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

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