Side sim: Medical Labs - Problem children make the best role models

Posted Oct. 21, 2021, 2:12 p.m. by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) in Side sim: Medical Labs - Problem children make the best role models

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) in Side sim: Medical Labs - Problem children make the best role models

Posted by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) in Side sim: Medical Labs - Problem children make the best role models
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After the news that her previous CSO had to transfer Willow had spent some time looking over the resumes of those that could be considered for the role. There were two standouts, both from other ships and capable officers at that but while each one was exemplary something else niggled at the back of her mind.

It wore at her like a headache and the more it wore the less she was able to work. Finally, after an hour she sent a quick memo to Dira with the two officers that would work and a statement saying that she actually didn’t want either…and had an idea. That done she headed to the labs.

Entering the redhaired woman lost no time in finding the source of the niggling annoying headache. She made a beeline directly for Kane. Her expression determined. She heard the NE working nearby Kane go. “Uhoh…your in trouble.” Under his breath and make a hasty exit.

Kane looked at the canine Anticancer and then around at the approaching Captain. Looking back at the NE, he said “Go drag your butt across the rig, will ya?” and then turned and looked at Taylor, arms folded across his chest and hair falling across his face.

“A word if you please Doctor.” She said to the tattooed man.

Willow Taylor

“Just one? Must be a big word.” and he stood up and walked away from the work station and towards an empty section of the lab that still had to be stocked and equipped.

“It can be a short word if you’d like to keep that attitude up. Starts with B ends in rig.” She said and followed.

Kane shrugged and said “Wouldn’t be the first time.” over his shoulder as they moved away from prying ears.

Turning, he said “Who’s mad at me now? In their defense, I probably did say whatever they said I did.”

Kane, Problem Child

Leaning against the bulkhead Willow crossed her arms and surveyed the man before her. The calculating expression on her face softened the stern look she had entered with. “I know you didn’t choose to be on this ship. Good knows we didn’t choose you.” She said after a few moments of silence. “You’ve been a pain in the ass the whole time you’ve been here. I’ve got complaints from staff members a mile long about your attitude and comments made. I’ve also got to take into account your recent…creative problem solving with a certain crew member and Intel. Now if you were in my shoes…what would you do?” She asked and waited.

Willow Taylor

Kane looked at her through narrowed eyes and said “I dunno… maybe something that starts with a ‘B’ and ends in ‘rig’? I hear Tuesday is chili night. And I do loooove me some chili.”


Still considering him Willow said slowly. “No…I don’t think so. That seems too normal for you. You piss off people they reprimand you you stay in the brig. The cycle repeats.” She took a few steps around the lab casually picking up one or two items and replacing them after a few moments inspection. “And something you said in my office the day I summoned you and Doctor Bonner…it hasn’t sat right with me since.” She said conversationally, pausing to look at him again. “You’re giving me an almighty migraine. It was the insinuation that my senior staff don’t protect their own on this ship that I think settled this for me.”

Picking up a PaDD she looked briefly at it then at Kane, “I think it’s time for a career change for you Lieutenant. Something more suited to your specific talents.”

The captain looked him up and down again. “Im sick of complaints about your attitude. So from now on you’ll be the one dealing with the attitude and complaints of others. I’m in need of a new Chief Science Officer. The jobs yours…until you die or I find someone better.” She said and raised her eyebrows questioningly.

Willow Taylor

Kane looked at her in silence and then said “Um… no? I’m no scientist. So… where’s your logic there? Promoting me to punish me? Seriously… what if I just let people run amuck? Stand back and just let CHAOS REIGN!?!?!?!?” His voice rose dramatically and he raised his arms to the ceiling as yelling to the old gods before dropping his arms and looking at her sarcastically.


Willow smiled. “You’re a scientist. Medical is part of the sciences division and this is a medical ship. You have all the relevant qualifications and expertise to fulfil the role.” She shrugged “Then your department will be a mess and you’ll get nothing done that you want to do yourself including any of your own projects or other things. However there is a difference between letting people run chaos and giving people autonomy. Great leaders know the difference and tread that line. I’m sure you will too when you need to.”

She stared level at him. “And no. Things aren’t always a punishment. You were put here and since you have to stay here for now you may as well benefit from opportunities if they arise. You’ve proven your commitment and loyalty to the crew and those you work with.” She shrugged. “If you need to think of it in the terms of punishment and reward then this is a reward and a symbol of our commitment to you. I need people on my senior staff who will do the job to the best of their ability but who aren’t afraid of challenging me when they need to.”

Willow Taylor

Kane snorted derisively and said “Aww… and I didn’t get you anything. Maybe I can replicate one of those ‘World’s Greatest Boss’ mugs. Although that might be some kinda insult, considering we go to more than one.” and he stared at her a moment and then exhaled.

“Fine. I’ll do it. But I expect a raise. AND I’m moving into the DH quarters first. I’m not gonna let you give it away to some visiting Admiral of something while I’m not looking.” He uncrossed his arms and then said “I’ll start tomorrow. Now if you don’t mind… I have to pack. And you’ll have a department status report in seventy-two hours. Now get. I got work to do.” and he moved to a work station and opened a drawer. With a single motion of his arm, he slid everything off the stationand into the drawer. “There. Work’s packed up. Now I’m off to my new digs.”

Kane- Fine, I’ll Be CSO

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