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He was clearly talking to himself, and so half of it came out untranslated in Spanish, making it a jumbled mess for anyone else to understand. Once Oscar was satisfied that the emergency hospital would land and deploy correctly, he looked around.

“Okay, where’s Bonner? Summon a hospital, get a hospital, but it is brand new equipment, so I’m going to babysit it for a bit.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

From the only shaded area near by Bonner called over, “I’m over here Chief, I’ll be done in a moment, or you can tell me while I finish.” She was busy running scans and helping with triage. He wanted to babysit the new equipment that was fine with her.

As soon as the hospital landed and it was clear for them to go in, the emergency medical teams started toting equipment in and setting up the different areas.

Bonner, AMO

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As soon as the hospital landed, Security took up stations in four places around the hospital for general security purposes. Zoi stayed near the entrance and near Bonner ready to pass out more assignments to her people as necessary.

Haven, CoS

Dira turned to watched the situation unfold. The clinic module would only take a few minutes to erect and then the difficult work would begin. Dira was sincere in wanting to give these people back as much diginity as they could but she was realistic too. They would resent the handouts even as they raced to accept them. They would all just have to dig deep in their wells of compassion and do their best to help relieve suffering. Unzipping her command jacket to reveal her standard issue undershirt, Dira tied her jacket around her waist securely and pushed up her sleeves. Time to get to work. “Okay! Listen up everyone,” she said loudly. “Those not on construction detail, or already assigned tasks, regardless of your department, report to me. We have some other needs to take care of. Let’s get to work people, but take your cues from the residents wherever possible. If you’re not sure about something ask a senior officer.” With a nod, she moved towards the piles of supplies being beamed down and began looking for water and food stuffs they could pass out immediately.

Commander Myqian, XO

The chairman stood and watched as the hospital descended from the sky and started to land. Myqian probably got notes of awe from several sources, including the elder statesman. She probably also got hints of the man contemplating her questions before he responded in a low tone, so that the XO, and those in close proximity, could hear him. “It is an unwinnable situation, Commander. Either I save my people by relying on the help of outsiders, or I don’t and you have Romulan pirates along the former neutral zone, and also many imperial loyalists will likely go missing.” He paused again and nodded his head, “Do what you can to provide care for the ill and we will see how they respond to you. I don’t have the resources to secure much beyond the capital so you will have to win hearts and minds.”

GM Wombat

Dira nodded. “We’ll do our best, Chairman, of that you can be assured.” She might not be able to make a lot of promises here, but this one was one she could be certain of.

Alexis walked over to Cmdr Myqian with a crate of water rations. “There’s more, security and the medics are passing out the food and water rations. Their making more up on the ship, we’ll have enough.” She looked around at the teams moving in and out with the supplies to set up the inside of the hospital. Alexis was far too intellectual to have what was considered a bedside manor and she didn’t think sugar coating things helped the patient. But they’d been trained for such situations. She just had to dig deep and remember to not overwhelm them with information. She looked around remembering the training they’d been given. People were often proud and didn’t like hand outs, but for their children or even the elderly they would accept things they wouldn’t for themselves. She picked up several food and water rations and looked around for parents with children, older children caring for younger siblings, or even those with the elder or disabled. Someone who might have difficulty containing the energy of their life while waiting in line, and then began carrying food and water in that direction.

Bonner, AMO

Myqian nodded again. “I’m going to do a bit of a walkabout myself and see if I can spot those that might need more assistance. I think taking a crate of rations with me would be a good idea. Can you manage things here for a little bit?” she asked Bonner.

Commander Myqian, XO

Bonner paused and turned back to Myqian, “Of course, Cmdr.” She wasn’t planning to wander too far. She needed to be within reach if anyone needed her in the hospital. She turned back the way she was going towards a group of what appeared to be two families or perhaps an extended one. She approached at an angel towards the adults of the group, not wanting to scare the children who may have never met an alien.

Bonner, AMO

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