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Surprisingly, one more tapped his chest and requested transfer back to the Owie for reassignment leaving Octavia and Kane with one last member of the security detail. The remaining NE shrugged and mentioned said offhandedly, “They probably need to talk to psyche. Nothing is black or white, ya know. Shades of grey.”

“Not while we are working there isn’t. Do the job or don’t. After you can deal with feelings about it.” Kane said flatly, but without the previous hostility.

The young Trill remained silent, she didn’t class herself as a bigot and she certainly didn’t want to leave these people when she could help. If she’d been braver she would have probably said something like I think what he means is were all here to help, but instead she looked around their group seeing if anyone else was brazen enough to challenge the disgruntled chief science officer.

  • Octavia Raain

Kane eyed the detail and then took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “We are gonna check their water source for impurities and contamination. We are gonna see if anyone needs medical help. We are gonna see if anyone needs anything we can help ‘em with; and we are gonna do it regardless of race, creed, color, or anything else you wanna throw out. If anyone has a problem with that order, go back to the ship right now. If not, then move your butts and let’s get to work.” and he wheeled around and began making his way towards the water source, looking at the dirty and disheveled faces of the Romulans and nodding intermittently to them. His eyes were looking for signs of well traveled paths, empty or partially full water jugs. “Any of you speak Romulan?” he asked after a few minutes.

Kane, CSO

The young trill was glad that the immediate hostility was already dyeing down, she hated violence and shouting for that matter, as if a mental kick Octavia remembered that Govan enjoyed Romulan musicals and literature and while basic could speak some Romulan. Though she did wonder why the UT in their comm badges weren’t working. “I, or my my previous host was able to Sir. I should be able to communicate on some level.” ‘Tai explained.

  • Octavia Raain

Kane nodded. “Good. Even some of us just trying to speak in their language will help put some at ease. Be careful, and be calm… no matter what.” He stopped by a tent that had the front flap open ad had a small fire in front of it. Two figures sat outside the tent, watching the group as they approached. “Ask them where they get their water, and if they could show us. Better to have an escort than just trapesing around all over.”

Kane, CSO

“Ofcourse sir” Octavia responded trying to pull on her memories and hoped she wouldn’t make a total fool of herself. In a non-accented Romulan Octavia greeted the two figures, “Hello. I am Octavia Raain and this, ” She gestured to Kane. “Is my master Solomon Kane. We are here to help. Can you help us and walk us to your source of drink.” She pointed to a cup filled with water and hoped that what she was saying made some sense.

  • Octavia Raain, Pathology and Virology

The pair looked at each other and one let out a small laugh. “You can work on your pronunciation,” the older, laughing one said as he rose and grabbed a tattered cloak and a walking stick. “Come come. Its not far but you can get lost if you don’t know the way. We tried to fix it but you know, it works some days, doesn’t work the next.”

GM Wombat

Octavia blushed but thrilled that she had done a good enough job they understood and appreciated the gesture. “Thankyou kindly” she added trying to ad an extra esque accent before following behind him, only once looking over her shoulder to the other two Officer, she wished more had stayed but still she felt safe with their new friends and followed on.

  • Octavia Raain

“We’ll see if we can’t get that repaired for you.” Kane said as he kept an eye on where they were going. “And let your people know, we have a hospital set up and are ready to help anyone who needs it.” He looked at Raain and then said “Well done, Crewman.”

Kane, CSO

Octavia felt a rush of pride ebb through her at their chief science officer word, she always responded well to praise and the smile on her face would visually tell him that she was thankful for his words. She hunkered down and continued to follow the Romulans silently going over different phrases in her head not dealing paying much attention to where they were heading or the direction.

The old Romulan nodded and led them through a twisting sea of tents, ramshackle houses, and temporary housing units constructed by the provisional government. Like most refugee camps it was set up in a hurry and not a lot of planning was done but he moved with speed, and it wasn’t all that difficult to keep track of where they were on the map, the Ogawa would have no problem transporting them to and from the ship.

After a few more minutes they came upon a building, fenced in but with no guards. On the gate, in Romulan, was hanging a sign that read: “Water Filtration Station 1.” just below that hung another sign, “Closed due to contamination.”

“Here we are,” the old man said before asking, “You really going to fix it?”

GM Wombat

“Contamination, Closed due to” Octavia explained and then chuckled, “Sorry, Closed due to contamination. Their sentence structures are a little different.” She looked to the other sign frowned and said, “Water Separation Station 1, or maybe filtration.” She nodded, “Definitely filtration.” She told the group, as she looked to Kane and then back to what lay beyond the gate.

“We’re certainly gonna try.” Kane said and pulled out his tricorder and began scanning. Soil around the station first, then he looked at the older Romulan and said “I’ll need to take a look at your set-up here. See if we can find what’s contaminating the water and where its coming from.” and he nodded at the Security JO to tak ethe lead going inside.

Kane, CSO

Octavia readied herself and her pack, she hoped that whatever it was they would have the skill and expertise to fix it for these people. She never enjoyed seeing suffering and so far since she had been on this planet all she had witnessed was just that as the Security officer that Kane indicated to take the lead she waited for Kane to Follow before she too started walking.

  • Octavia Raain

The security NE looked to the old man then grabbed his phasor and stepped up to the gate. It didn’t take much to get past it and into the facility proper. Once inside he disappeared for a little while and then stuck his head out and waved them in. “All clear, chief!” he barked over to Kane before mentioning, “Might want to take a breath though. Pretty rancid in here, if I am being honest.”

Nodding once in acknowledgement to the security officer to say ‘thanks for the warning’ she took in one deep breath of fresh air before following the lead. She didn’t know what to expect, she half hoped that the security officer was exaggerating things and that her acute trill senses would be none the wiser to any foul smells, little did she know that he’d been quite drastically underselling it.

Inside the place was musty and the water pools stagnate. Anyone who drank anything from it was bound to get sick. It was dark and without power for sure.

GM Wombat

The smell was enough to make ‘Tai’s eye go puffy and red, she’d smelt similar before on Trill when she’d stumbled across a sulphur mine but that was child play compared to the smell that was currently assaulting her senses. Not used to something so ghastly she attempted to cover her nose and mouth and take shallow breaths. That was her first mistake as she keeled over and began to vomit. So, she didn’t have a strong stomach, she knew that, but to do it in front of an officer was embarrassing. She slowly composed herself wiping at the side of her mouth with the hem of her sleeve. “Sorry sir,” She said a little defeated. “I can take samples.” She patted the instrument carry case at her side holding back any further nauseous feelings.

  • Octavia Raain

Kane looked at her and said “Give me the case. I’ll take the samples. Why don’t you step outside and contact the Ogawa. We will need an Engineering detail, water circulators, a generator, and water purifiers at this location asap. Tell them is a priority request from the CSO.” His words weren’t warm, but there was no judgement in them either. If he was disappointed in her performance, it certainly didn’t show. He then began scanning the pools of stagnant water and the surrounding containment basins.

Kane, CSO

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