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Looking at Dira Willow nodded her head at Octavia. “Time for our intern to get some field work do you think Commander?” She asked and sat in her chair.

Willow Taylor

Myqian cast her dark gaze over to Raain. “Indeed. Crewman Raain, you’ll join me in beaming down and report to the medical team on the surface.” Shifting her gaze over to Willow, she gave the Captain a nod. “Wish me luck,” she said dryly as she back-stepped her way towards the turbolift, knowing that they were beginning a vital but monumental process and there were all sorts of ways it could go sideways. She could only guess at how, but she also was prepared for that eventuality.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Good luck.” Willow said seriously. “Report in when you coordinate. And keep Kane from wandering off will you.” She turned to glance at the NE behind her, “Inform all section chiefs to stand by for orders. Duty stations for all hands.” She said.

Willow Taylor

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=^= “Octavia to Ogawa The chief science officer has requested some engineering assistance, water circulators, a generator and water purifiers on this location with the utmost priority.”=^= Came the young trills voice across the communications system.

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