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Posted Dec. 1, 2021, 2:03 p.m. by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) (Geoff Joosten)

These patients were much less likely to come in, and it was several hours before any showed up, or at least any that could be given to psych right away. But Lampkin was a dutiful triage nurse and could recognize the need to spread the love.

First that came in was a lady who was lamenting her husband lost most of his family when the planet broke, this had taken quite the tole on his mental stability and he fell into the drink. Self medicating the pain, had in turn, caused damage to his body. Lampkin frowned and handed the woman a blue Psych card and punched a hole on the side near a box that said home visit.

Next came a girl, all alone. She didn’t approach Lampkin, but instead lingered by the door until her feet got tired and found a chair. Lampkin finally smiled, though it was something of sad smile. She knew an orphan when she saw one. Unkempt, scrawny. Even if she had parents they probably weren’t around enough to ensure all the “right” needs were being fulfilled. Reaching into her smock she procured a lollipop and walked over to her. “Hey there, kiddo,” she said handing it to the girl. “Do you have parents here today?”

The child shook her head and took the candy, thrusting it fully into her mouth and started to suck on it, refusing to speak more. The nurse smiled and patted the girl on the head. She walked back towards one of the other nurses and whispered, “Don’t give her a card, but let Myqian or Iven know we have a kid.”

Through all of this… The camera crew was there, watching and rolling. To their credit the small man stayed out of the way, but his eyes shown with intensity. He was in his element and anyone speaking that was not a part of the crew received a scornful look, but he said nothing. Golfink would get his footage.

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