SB 157- Finally a Date

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Dira smiled. “A lot of it right now is trying to find out who Commander Myqian is compared to Doctor Myqian, the therapist. There’s a lot of overlap, but I suspect the differences will be smaller and more nuanced than I’m expecting. I do know that I have to work hard to not slip into therapist mode when I see someone struggling. It’s not up to me to diagnose a situation. I can offer suggestions for paths forward and support them in their work, but I have to know when to step back and let those that are actually in those roles do their jobs. It’s a hard impulse to resist, I have to admit.”

Dira twirled her glass in her fingertips, feeling more serious at the turn of conversation. But that wasn’t a bad thing. Getting to know each other would mean sharing hard things and sometimes that meant their fun and lighthearted times might be interrupted by these necessary conversations. “Do you remember at that first lunch when I told you about my worry about crossing boundaries and how someone crossed mine and made the situation… difficult?”

Zoi nodded, chewing her food as she listened to Dira.

She exhaled, releasing some of the tension. “It was the first officer that I just told you about. Before the away mission, things got awkward because he prescribed emotions to our interactions that weren’t there. I was his therapist first and foremost, and I had to turn his case over to someone else, to regain our boundaries. After though… it was not a great situation. He was not very happy with me.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Ah, so that was the situation. Now his bruised ego was more than just his personality, but a consequence of Dira doing the right thing ethically and him getting upset over it. Slowly, she nodded again. “I can imagine that was quite a trying time. Not easy to let someone down gently. Less easy to then do the right thing and hand over his case to someone else because you know it will make the patient upset on top of the upset they already feel. I hear that happens a lot though, with therapists… their patients developing feelings for them.”

Haven, CoS

Dira nodded, if slowly. “Yes, and no. It’s actually not quite as common as it might seem, in my experience anyway. I mean in twenty years, this was the only instance of it. It just happened to be a situation that got compounded by other events and morphed into something…” What was the right word here? Disastrous was one. Hurtful was another. “More complicated than it needed to be.” Her jaw tightened and she drank from her glass in hopes to ease it. It didn’t help.

“What about you? Any particular moments of great challenge in your career, complications form your mother aside?” Dira asked.

Commander Myqian, XO

She sighed. “None of the romantic nature. I’ve had relationships but they have all ended fairly amicably. My age has been a complication. A lot of my friends from the academy and my early years in Star Fleet have grown old. Most have died.” Her nose wrinkled. “It can be a problem.”

Haven, CoS

Dira regarded Zoi for a long moment and then nodded slowly. “Yes, I can imagine it could be,” she said softly. “How do you usually handle that challenge?” It was a reality that no matter how things went between them, and Starfleet careers and the danger therein aside, the reality was that Dira was likely to die of old age long before Zoi did. They were too new to even worry about what that meant, but she could understand it being a complicated component of her relationships with people.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi took a deep breath and shook her head. “Well, I retreated which I think is a phase any long lived person goes through. I dealt with my mother and my job and left relationships to the side. When I joined the Ogawa, the Psychiatrist I did my Psych eval with pushed me to re-enter social life. I had been less than successful at it until recently though.” She said with a laugh and a smile. “Apparently I am not really a partier like young ensigns.”

Haven, CoS

Dira’s laugh rumbled in her throat. “Well, stick with me darling, I’ll teach you a thing or two about being social,” she said. She almost winked too, but instead, just fixed her black eyes on Zoi. Her offer was sincere but of course there was that undercurrent of desire. A thought traipsed across her mind and for a moment she was sorely tempted to end the waiting right here and now. Yes they were talking about deeper topics, but the thought of having her hands all over Zoi’s skin was not far from her mind and hadn’t been ever since they had been building sandcastles. She wanted to taste her lips again, feel her arms wrapped around her. A shiver swept down her spine.

Commander Myqian, XO

IF Zoi had been blind, she still would have felt the wash of that undercurrent coming to the forefront of Dira’s thoughts. Zoi wasn’t blind. There was something that changed in Dira’s facial expression that had Zoi’s breath catching and her heart fluttering. Everything changed with that look. Heat spread through her body, having nothing to do with the fine sunny beach or the tropical weather.

For a moment, Zoi’s mind went to practical matters. This was technically their first date. They had been skirting the physical part of their relationship for a while though and first date or no, their chemistry was undeniable. She let out the breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding and then several things happened in rapid succession. She grinned, shifted to her knees on the cushions of the lounger and moving closer, she said “F*ck it.”, then her hands were in Dira’s hair pulling the woman against her, and Zoi’s mouth took possession of her date’s.

There was nothing tentative in her kiss, nothing uncertain. There was only the final acknowledgement that they were involved and that Zoi wanted Dira. They could come up for air later.

Haven, CoS

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