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Posted Dec. 1, 2021, 2:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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OOC: I am separating patient types just to keep things sorted

IC: Lampkin waved forward the next two patients.

First was a young child and her mother. The mother explained that due to shortages her children hadn’t received the common inoculations for Romulan children and was hoping they could help. This pair was handed a green card that read Medical and was ushered to take a seat.

Another patient of note that came in was an old man with a hunched back. He had suffered failing organs for some time, but had run out of medication some time ago. He personally was resigned on the topic but he had been henpecked by his wife to come in and see what could be arranged. A yellow card with Medical was handed to the man and he took a seat.

GM Wombat

Bonner walked into the main waiting area. Surgical, internal, and psych. After making sure that someone from psych had been notified they had patients she walked over to the small desk where Lampkin was triaging patients and gave her a polite nod. Alexis could help with the surgical patients if need be, but Dr. Marshall was more than capable of handling the surgical staff. If he needed help, he would ask. Bonner picked up the information on the older gentleman. She stopped the nearest nurse, “Get a full blood work up and metabolic panel on him. Get a full history of the problem, types of medication he’s been on, and then do some imaging of his organs.” Alexis tapped her combadge. =/\=Bonner to Solal. I have a patient for you in room 2 of the internal medicine ward.=/\=

The nurse walked over to the older gentleman with a smile. “I’m Nurse Shayna. If you’ll come with me, we can get you in a room and Dr. Solal will be in to see you.”

That left Alexis with the mother and child. She walked over, taking a lollipop from Lampkin and dropping it in her pocket for later. Alexis wasn’t one much for smiles, but she was polite and professional and genuinely concerned. “I’m Dr. Bonner.” She waited for the woman to introduce herself and her daughter. She wished she had Frigga with her. If you’ll come with me, we’ll get your daughter a physical and her inoculations.” Alexis led the pair to the first exam room.

Bonner, AMO

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