Painting Mess (Open)

Posted Dec. 6, 2021, 10:51 a.m. by Frigga (Thera-pet) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Pathology and Virology) in Painting Mess (Open)

Posted by Frigga (Thera-pet) in Painting Mess (Open)

Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Pathology and Virology) in Painting Mess (Open)
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She turned the painting around to show Frigga. It wasn’t great, and Frigga appeared to be a lot fluffier in painting form than real life but there was a resemblance. The flowers however had a much finer detail which including shadings and the use of lighter tones. “See, this is you.” She added pointing to make sure Frigga knew where to look not that she doubted she wasn’t smart enough to figure it out for herself.

  • Octavia Raain

Frigga sat quietly while Octavia spoke to her. Head tilted like she understood. She stared at the painting and stretched out to sniff it, just slightly and sneezed. Then shook her head and it traveled her whole body and ended with her tail wagging and moving her whole back end. She whinned happily and then took off meeting an officer in medical blue. She knelt down next to Frigga and took off her vest, which caused Frigga to shiver and shake happily for several seconds. “You’re off work for today, Frigga. Your mommy said to stay here. I’ll leave your vest at the door.” She patted the dog and gave her a treat. “I’ve already told GALEN not to let you out till Lt Bonner comes to get you.” The PT shook her head, the dog was smart, too smart maybe. Frigga took off around the bend and then returned, trotting happily, right up to Octavia and dropped her ball at the girl’s feet.


Having heard the exchange it was no surprise to her that Frigga returned, ‘Tai had grown quite accustomed to Frigga’s characteristics and activities so when she returned also with the ball the young trill smiled. “Is it that time already!” She teased rolling the ball from foot to foot teasing her. Octavia was quiet flexible so after a while she finally bent forward in the sitting position and reached the ball at her feet. “So how much do you reeeeaally want this ball?” She asked wiggling her eyebrows and shaking the ball in her hand.

Frigga whined, crouched as if to pounce and followed the movement of the ball back and forth. When Octavia bent forward, Frigga pounced down on her front legs and became very still. At ‘Tai’s question she leaped onto the girl, front paws on her shoulders and licked her all over the face while whining and her tail going almost at warp speed.

Octavia chuckled, “Ok ok, you win, you win!” She said in defeat before she pulled her arm back and threw the ball in a high arch.

  • Octavia Raain

Frigga pushed her 20 lbs of weight off of Octavia’s shoulders and spun bounding away after the ball. She ran and rustled through the plant life, chased by chuckles and encouragement from the people she passed. Soon Frigga was back running down the path and dropped the ball at ‘Tai’s feet. When she went to grab it Frigga snatched the ball up and spun a circle before dropping it again.


‘Tai who had just sat back up from being pushed into the dirt was brushing the compost from her shirt and hair laughing. “Oh Frigga!” She exclaimed laughing still as her first attempts only prompted Frigga to tease her. She pouted sadly dirt and a leaf still in her hair, “That’s no fair!” She reached out again this time picking up the now slimy ball, “Has anyone told you that you’re so sloppy” For some reason, she decided to smell the ball and grimaced, “Yikes and maybe in need of a dentastix!” It was her turn to tease as she threw the ball again.

  • Octaiva Raain

Frigga snorted. She was not sloppy, she always put her toys away and never made messes. It wasn’t her fault she didn’t have thumbs. Frigga lunged forward, drenched ‘Tai in several tongue lolling doggie kisses and then took off after the ball again. The ball arched high but came back down sharply and bounced and rolled around in the foliage. She snuffed around and found the ball quickly but got distracted by a new smell, some new plant before going back to pick up the ball and return to ‘Tai. Her attention back on her favorite game she came running full out and skidded to a sliding halt in front of the girl and dropped the right in front of her.


Drenched in Frigga kisses Octavia watched her disappear and reappear a little longer than usual. “Ok lets try something different!” She stood up patting and dusting herself down. “I’m going to hide aaaand you find me ok?” It wasn’t that she wasn’t bored for throwing the ball she’d do it for hours but she needed to move about so a game of hide and seek worked well.

  • Octavia Raain

Frigga tipped her head to the side as Octavia talked. Her voice sounded happy and playful, and that made Frigga happy. It was her job to help and when the people she was around felt happy Frigga knew she was going a good job. As ‘Tai walked off Frigga trotted obediently after her. Happy to follow her where ever. A new game sounded awesome!


Octavia noticed Frigga following and rolled her eyes with a giggle, “No silly I’ll go hide and you have to find me like your ball.” The young trill looked down at the dog, “Ok You STAY” She pointed at the floor. “here and I’ll go hide then, when I whistle” She whistled to show what she meant, “You come find me, its called hide and seek and species all over the universe have been playing it for years.” She patted her head. “Ok?” Smiling one more time ‘Tai trotted off to hide.

  • Octavia

Frigga stopped when ‘Tai did and looked at her quizzically. She sat when ‘Tai said to stay and then stood up again when she whistled. But when ‘Tai walked away this time Frigga didn’t follow her. She thought it was all very strange. ‘Tai disappeared around the corner and Frigga waited wondering what her friend was doing.

Then she heard ‘Tai’s whistle again and Frigga took off like a shot bounding unerringly for where ‘Tai had disappeared. It was easy to follow, she smelled like that itchy sneezy paint she had all over her.


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