Side sim: Lounge Shenanigans

Posted Dec. 6, 2021, 10:05 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Chief of Psychiatry) in Side sim: Lounge Shenanigans

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) in Side sim: Lounge Shenanigans

Posted by Lieutenant Séan Iven (Chief of Psychiatry) in Side sim: Lounge Shenanigans
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“Well I’ve got black jack. What do you got?” Séan asked expectantly. “I’ve got no real desire for exploration either. I’d be perfectly happy staying in Sol, but I also like being on a ship that is always moving too. Besides which, treating crew on a ship is usually more interesting than at Starfleet Medical.”

CoP Iven

Solal raised a brow. “How so?” He flipped his down card and shrugged. “Sixteen.” He couldn’t imagine people’s problems were that different aboard a starship, besides perhaps the occasional major issue. But then again, he didn’t even like psychology. Maybe he just didn’t get it.

~ Lt JG Solal

Séan collected all of the cards and began to shuffle them as he answered the question. “There are unique stresses to serving on a starship that you can’t find anywhere. That tends to make the crew a tighter community, or tribe as it’s usually referred to, so while some aspects can seem boring, like relationship counselling, but often times that very boring thing can have far reaching effects on the ship at large. What if the XO has a not quite illicit relationship with a member of the crew? As long as they’re not in the direct chain of command it’s generally okay, but what if the crewmember gets dumped then their performance suffers, which in turn causes them to go on a bender and sleeps with a department head’s partner? Of course that’s a slightly convoluted progression of events but crazier things have happened. Now what if I can intervene before something that can’t be taken back happens? It can be… fun isn’t necessarily the word I’d use, but perhaps stimulating would be better, to help people and sometimes defuse a volatile situation.”

CoP Iven

“So… People’s problems are more interesting.” That’s what Séan’s explanation boiled down to in Solal’s mind. “And you like stopping bad things from happening?” Solal wasn’t sure he understood, but then again he wasn’t surprised by that. “That makes little sense to me.”

~ Lt JG Solal

“Well… in a sense, but also because people sent to Starfleet Medical for long-term recovery have already been diagnosed. The diagnosis could be wrong of course but the chance of that is pretty minimal. The very early period of a person’s trauma recovery is as vital in mental health as it is in physical wellbeing. Intervening as early as possible with someone who has experienced trauma of some form can help to prevent issues from becoming deep seated in their psyche. It’s gratifying to help someone overcome a problem no matter how long it takes, but what if I could help end their pain much sooner?” Séan asked as he dealt the next hand. His cards were a 7 of hearts and a 8 of diamonds, while Solal’s up card was an ace of clubs. “I think psychiatry is very similar to medicine in that preventative care can really benefit people. A psych eval can pinpoint something that may need to be addressed as surely as a physical can.”

CoP Iven

His down card was a nine of hearts. Solal had no clever reply this time and instead simply nodded and motioned to ‘stay’ in the card game. Séan sounded like he loved what he did. The way he described it did make it sound similar to medicine. Though, in Solal’s opinion, a mental problem probably wasn’t going to kill anyone. Not like a medical emergency.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

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