The time has come! [CO, XO, Anyone who wants in]

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Octavia was nervous, she had every right to be. Walking what seemed to be the longest corridor in the history of corridors she paused and steadied herself against the bulkhead. She wasn’t particularly sure why she was so nervous, perhaps she didn’t want to say the wrong things or make a fool out of herself by tripping up or any number of embarrassing things. She could feel her symbiote stir inside of her which only made her feel queazy, for a Trill she was never meant to be joined and perhaps she was the worst host ever, the Raain symbiote inside her however constantly told her otherwise. Sucking in a deep breath she prepared herself and made the rest of the way without incident to the large briefing room.

Once she was ready she stepped up to the door before she knocked she could hear voices on the otherwise and instead of doing the normal thing of declaring her presence instead, she stood with her little button nose but a hairline from the door and listened. Perhaps she’d hear how and if she’d graduated before it would happen and that way she’d be prepared for the feeling of utter disbelief.

  • Octavia Raain

Having briefly mentored Raain in her first rounds of internships in sickbay, Alexis was happy to be at the conference room for her Graduation. The young cadet, now ensign, had been through a lot during her time, including the emergency joining with her symbiote. Alexis still found the morals and ethics hard to rectify, but she reminded herself it wasn’t her culture and she didn’t have to understand it but simply accept it. It hadn’t risked Octavia’s health, but it had irrevocably changed her life.

Next to her, Frigga let out a low whine and her tail began to wag. Alexis grinned, “Is she here?” Frigga adored the young Trill and there was more than one occasion when Alexis found Frigga following Octavia around when Alexis had gone to pick Frigga up. Frigga whined again and Alexis reached down to pat her on the head. “Okay Frigga we know.” Having gotten her message across Frigga stopped whining and sat still, except for her tail.

Bonner and Frigga

Willow looked up from the computer terminal where she was finishing finalising the paper work. “Is she here?” She asked hearing Frigga and echoing Alexis. Her fingers flew across the terminal. “Nearly done, nearly done…where’s the box with the pip and the new uniform?” She asked absently without looking up.

Willow Taylor

“It would seem so Captain.” Alexis shook her head looking down at Frigga. “Be still this is serious.” The dog of course didn’t care. Alexis looked around for the box, she knew she’d seen the captain walk in with it. “Is that it on the floor by your feet?”

Bonner, AMO

Octavia gave it another moment before sucking up her courage and entering the room, her courage however faltered at the sign of Bonner who she hadn’t expected to be there. “Lieutenant, Captain” She squeaked out as she came to a ‘at ease’ stance just past the threshold of the door, enough so it wasn’t closing behind her. Taking a step forward the door was finally allowed to close.

  • Octavia Raain

The door opened again almost immediately and the scowling, hird covered face of the CSO walked in. He glared at everyone present, moved off to the side and pulled out a treat for Frigga. “Don’t worry, Raain… it’s all downhill from here.” he growled as Frigga took the treat, tail thumping against the floor.

Kane, CSO

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