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Dr. Mariah Grayson arrived at the mobile hospital in short order after receiving Iven’s update, making sure to bring supplies with her as suggested. Approaching Nurse Lampkin, she offered, “How may I help?”

OOC Lori: I could work with either the little girl or the woman. Any preference? Full disclosure: Adults are my RL clinical comfort zone, but if Iven would prefer Mariah see the little girl, let me know. :-)

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Séan was right behind Mariah and he had a bag slung over his shoulder with extra medical supplies as well. As Alexis said extra never hurt. He set the bag down within reach of Nurse Lampkin and waited for her to answer Dr Grayson.

OOC: I’m fine with treating the girl.

CoP Iven

Lampkin gave the triage nurse look and then rolled her eyes. “Grab a chart, Doctor,” she grumbled having to stop her normal duties. Doctors can be so difficult. With a gesture from her off hand she motioned towards the stack of PaDDs. “Two where called in for a psych consult. There is an old lady over there with a self medicating husband who may need a house call, and then that one.”

Her nod was directed towards the little girl now swinging her feet under the chair. “Don’t know anything about her other than she likes lollipops and is reasonably well behaved.”

GM Wombat


Séan smiled at Lampkin as he went to pick up the PaDD detailing the girl, with what little information it had on it. At the mention of lollipops he kicked himself for not bringing any but made a mental note to requisition some for the next supply delivery. He moved towards the girl swinging her feet under the chair and crouched down to make their eyes level. “Hi there, I’m Séan. What’s your name?”

CoP Iven

Seeing the little girl was being well taken care of, Mariah reached for the chart detailing what had been cleaned so far. There wasn’t a whole lot, but it wasn’t difficult to discern the older woman was in emotional pain. She approached, mindful not to invade the other woman’s space, but also coming close enough to provide a bit of privacy. No doubt they would have to find somewhere else to talk more privately, but initially, she had to gain the woman’s trust. “Hello,” she offered. “My name is Mariah. I understand you need some help?”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

The older woman looked more or less despondent. “Who doesn’t need help here?” she said looking around and gesturing. After a moment of silence she added, “I am Nohun. I… I need some medication for my husband. Something for the pain.” She glanced around, “He is in a lot of pain.”

GM Wombat

“You’re right, Nohun,” Mariah replied gently, “you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need help. I’m sorry, that was a silly question, wasn’t it?” She gestured for Nohun to follow her to a moment to a relatively quiet space where some privacy could be achieved. Once they were a bit more settled, Mariah took the opportunity to look the woman over as thoroughly as she could without being intrusive. She’d wait for permission for anything like a proper scan. “Will you tell me more about your husband and the pain he’s in? For example, when it started and where it is?”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Nohun took her left hand and spread the thumb and pinky wide then lifted the thumb to her lips, thrusting the pinky into the air in a pantomime of drinking something. “A life of it,” she explains, “Didn’t get better when his brother died in the collapse. Does it ever I wonder? Anyway not much of a line up to help an old man with failing everything, is there? We all die eventually just hate seeing him like this. So much pain, and confusion. I suppose there isnt much time left for him.”

She sighed, “So something to help him sleep would be nice.”

GM Wombat

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