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Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Internal Medicine Help - Unroth III

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Internal Medicine Help - Unroth III

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Internal Medicine Help - Unroth III
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Alexis turned back with the hypo and vile and held them up for the little girl to see. “This goes into the hypospray and has all the vaccines your mom wants you to have. They will help your body create antibodies to fight off different diseases so if they try to attack your body, you won’t get sick.” She looked at Pumek, “She has some vitamin deficiency and she has some slight infections. One from the contaminated water. If you are okay with me taking a blood sample, I can have the lab run a test on it and then I can give her something for it. She’s dehydrated as well, but nothing a few days of extra water won’t fix. We brought plenty of drinking water, you can take as much as you need.”

The mother considered this for a moment, her eyes darting back and forth, trying to determine if this was a slight at her, implying that she was a bad mother for letting her daughter get so dehydrated. Coming to the conclusion, eventually, that Bonner meant no ill will, nodded and waved a hand. “Yes. Go ahead.”

Alexis grabbed a different hypo, dialed it for sample collection, “Just a little buzz.” She depressed the button and the vial filled with a blood sample. Alexis ejected the vial and placed it on the sensor pad of her tricorder and waited for the results. Then she added the vitamin and antibiotic to the vial and slipped it into the hypospray.

Once Pumek decided on whether or not she wanted Nulla to have the extra treatments, Alexis picked up the vaccine hypo and then she turned back to Nulla, “I’m going to press this to your skin and hit a button. It will only tingle a little, promise.” Alexis waited to make sure the girl was as calm as she could be. Alexis might not be great with kids but she didn’t want to scare her. Then she gave Nulla the hypo.

Turning to Pumek, “She’ll need boosters in five years. While you are here, do you want a physical for yourself?” There was no reason to treat the little girl for her mother to become ill, but she certainly couldn’t force Pumek to be seen.

Bonner, AMO

Nulla took the hyperspray and rolled it around in her hands before reaching out at tapping it against Alexis’ hand to see if the doctor herself would flinch from coming in contact with it.

Pumek nodded again. “Hopefully in five years we are in a home and not reliant on…” she waved a hand, “I am fine. There is no need for me to be seen. I am healthy.”

GM Wombat

Alexis grinned and let Nulla press the hypo to her hand not flinching at all. Bonner looked back at Pumek, “A lot will happen in five years.” Bonner nodded, accepting that Pumek was perhaps willing to accept aid for her daughter that she may not for herself. “I gave Nulla the antibiotics for the infections she has. The antibiotics are strong so she may be a little tired and the vaccinations can cause drowsiness as well. So it’s okay if she wants to sleep, but tomorrow she’ll be back to her normal self. If she starts running a fever, bring her back.” She turned back to Nulla, “All done.”

OOC: So I read yours as clear to give her the antibiotics and went with it, but if I misread, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Bonner, AMO

OOC: Nope you read it just fine!

IC: “If you are still here,” the mother said under her breath. It was clear she was used to help coming and going as frequently as the weather and her belief that Start Fleet was here for anything longer than a day was, by her own experience, well founded.

After a moment of silence Pamek then continued in a much less cynical tone. “I will take her home and give her some water and food then let her rest. We shall see what tomorrow brings, yes?” She stood and then held out her hand to her daughter who also stood and took her mother’s hand. “If you will show us out we will let you see your next patient.”

Nulla grinned and thanked Bonner, but was quick to not interrupt her mother, falling silent as soon as Pamek asked for directions on the way out of the exam room.

GM Wombat

“You a very welcome Nulla.” Alexis opened the door, “Of course, it’s this way.” Alexis sensed some hostility or maybe sarcasm. Was it her ‘bedside manner’ or a trait of the Romulan people? Alexis wasn’t sure, and wondered if maybe she should ask for Frigga to be sent down. It was a short walk to the door, and the nurses and medics had food and water out for people to take as much as they wanted. And just as Alexis said there was a crate with fruit in it, with several apples.

Alexis thought it would be in bad taste to wish them luck so as they headed for the door she opted to forgo more attempts at chit chat. She finished the file and signed it. She set in on the desk for Lampkin. Alexis looked around and there were a lot of nervous people, anxious children. She saw Iven with a young girl, and even more people outside trying to decide whether or not to accept their aid. =/\=Bonner to GALEN. Bring Frigga to the transporter room and have her beamed to my location.=/\=

A moment later Frigga appeared in a swirl of transporter lights. The pup was slightly confused at the sudden change of location and her nose twitched at the new smells. Alexis was glad she’d put Frigga’s vest on before she left.

Bonner, AMO

The Nulla and Pamek left, mother clutching the little girl’s hand as they navigated the crowds and eventually disappeared in them. Lampkin picked up the PaDD with the chart and plugged it into the consol as everything copied over, the device wiped and a new chart loaded on. This one a blind man who had been sitting near the door. The chart read that he had some sort of degenerative nerve condition and nothing that Romulan medical could do would stop the decline just prolong the inevitable. He was hear for a cough and a spot on his leg.

Lampkin sighed as she handed it over to Bonner. “The children are the worst, aren’t they? And the best. So full of hope that we are here to help and their parents are always so… sad almost.” She waved a hand, “Not my place to psychoanalyze but they all have that distrust and skepticism that makes treating them hard.”

GM Wombat

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