Rock Paper Mecha! - Holodeck with Cai

Posted Jan. 25, 2022, 2:52 p.m. by Civilian Cai Taylor (Captain’s Brother) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Ensign Octavia Raain (Pathology and Virology) in Rock Paper Mecha! - Holodeck with Cai

Posted by Civilian Cai Taylor (Captain’s Brother) in Rock Paper Mecha! - Holodeck with Cai

Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) in Rock Paper Mecha! - Holodeck with Cai
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The young Trill had thought about the same thing, “I don’t think they’re very practical at least not in the sense for the federation at least they’re a little aggressive and wouldn’t match the ship design haven’t you noticed how all Federation ships are alike they’re meant to invite peace and be smooth and curvey” She shrugged and so did the Mech. “So ready for a fight?” She grinned he’d handled the sync well and she was itching to put him and Dante through their paces.

  • Octavia Raain

“Dude…” Cai said with a grin. “I was born ready for this. Let’s do it.” He flexed the controls again.


She chuckled, “Dudette actually” Octavia gave him a mental nudge and pushed Dante forward at fulll speed with his mechanical legs out stretched, the water had looked deep but in the mecha it came up to its ankles showing just how large it was. They had gone a few miles along the coast before darting inwards and now found themselves in a large party destroyed bit of the city where both Mecha and Kaiju remains could be seen. Fires blazed from buildings and smoke billowed from others. “Ok so I thought about going easy on you but…” Before she had a chance to finish her sentence above them directly inline with the sun a blackened silhouette unravelled its fleshy wings with a deafening scream. ‘ROLL!’ She pushed out with her thoughts to Cai.

  • Octavia Raain

The mental nudge spurred him into action. He sent the message to the control and held his breath as the giant thing that he now wasn’t entirely sure he should actually be in control of did as he bid it. “…but…” he panted. “You thought nah let’s kill the blue haired guy for the kicks?”


Octavia has slightly breathed aswell, the physical exertion felt real as if she had done a roll herself but still she found the energy to giggle, “Yep” Coming out of the roll Octavia tugged on the controls with her mind and their right arm reached behind them as they pulled out the Katana, “Ok that’ll be fun!” She swung the sword in a white arching motion nipping the creature’s right-wing. As the mech followed the trajectory around the creature came into view. It was an ugly thing with wide leathery wings filled with patchy holes and oozing black blood, the main body was long like a snake but sported several boney legs. “Bolt Pistol” She said to Cai.

  • Octavia Raain

Cai, still new at this, stared at the creature. He sought a weapon after her words. “Well I’m not sure how to aim this thing but ugly up there seems to have enough holes as it is!” He said


“You’d be surprised just how many holes they can have before they stop moving, just point and shoot” She said keeping her right hand gripped tightly around the katana she had drawn, “And if you miss, shoot and shoot again.” The space between them and the monster was about the same length and two football fields, Cai wouldn’t have long and Octavia was ready to pounce.

  • Octavia Raain

“I’m shooting I’m shooting!” Cai responded with a grin. “Well I think I’m shooting.” He checked the weapon he now wielded.


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