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Posted Jan. 25, 2022, 3:49 p.m. by Ensign Charlie (Human Resources) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Transporter Room 2 - Electric Boogaloo (Roughly one week ago…)

Posted by Ensign Charlie (Human Resources) in Side Sim: Transporter Room 2 - Electric Boogaloo (Roughly one week ago…)

Posted by Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Transporter Room 2 - Electric Boogaloo (Roughly one week ago…)
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Thoon looked up from his fidgeting, readjusted his pack and gestured toward the door. “That would be great! Lead on.” He followed Charlie out into the corridor and joined her in the bustle of crew making their way to and fro.

Lt. Thoon Furood (Sec)

Charlie grinned wider. “Amazing, great let’s go.” She singsonged as she led the way. As they entered the corridor she began pointing out things to Thoon. “Over there is the main computer interface panel you’ll find one or two on every deck….The interior colours used are an atypical starfleet issue, it was thought they would give a more calming, sooothing feel…oh and the arboretum is down this way…” she kept up a running commentary, like an old tour on tape about the ship, it’s construction and random details about it until she had led them to what would be Thoon’s new quarters.

Thoon padded along beside her taking one-and-a-half steps to each of Charlie’s one, not quite a jog. It was the pace he’d gotten used to among taller humanoids and it had become second nature. He listened intently, nodding when appropriate, and making mental notes of the pertinent information.

“And this is you,” she said, unnecessarily as the glowing blue display outside the door clearly showed his name. “Shall I give you some time to unpack and then take you to the medical suite or the psychiatry deck?” She asked.

Ens Charlie

“I’m just going to drop off my bags. I’ll unpack later.” He said genially. He tapped the door panel and let it sync to his badge. The welcome chime sounded and the door slid open to reveal a darkened crew suite. Not as large or spacious as command crew, but larger than most he’d occupied. He didn’t bother with lights and only stepped partway through the door, just far enough to unsling his backpack and drop it and his duffel inside and to the right of the doorway. He stepped back out and let the door swish closed behind him. “Let’s start with psychiatry. I’m going to have a lot to talk about with the CMO.” Realizing what that might sound like, he quickly added; “I’ll be working closely with the medical staff training security in combat lifesaving.” He tapped his rank pips drawing her attention to the small 6 bar cross impression in the collarward pip indicating his level 1 medical endorsement. (If that doesn’t fly, let me know) He chuckled. “I’m babbling. To be honest I have…first day jitters? Is that the term?”

-Lt. Thoon Furood (Sec)

Charlie’s ever present, almost maniacal, grin widened still. “Excellent choice. And so exciting! Yes I was a total bag of nerves my first day but you’ll get to know the crew soon enough and I’m sure it’ll go away…just…be careful of the dental suite.” Her grin faltered, for a split second as she said the last words and returned like a thousand watt bulb had been turned on.

“So where was your last posting?” She asked as they walked to the psychiatry deck.

Ens Charlie

Thoon half-jogged along beside Charlie. “I was made acting Chief of Security on the Asimov while the permanent placement was…well, actually I never really found out what they were doing during that year.” He laughed, a single chuff. “When they came aboard I requested further medical training and was placed at the Starbase for 8 months of classwork and rotating shifts in security and sickbay.” He smiled. “I’m glad to be back shipboard. How long have you been on Ogawa?”

-Lt. Thoon Furrod (Sec)

Charlie slowed her pace slightly. “That sounds exciting” again her very wide grin seemed to brighten. “Oh only a few weeks. I sort of came with the new ship and now I help the captain. It’s been good fun so far.” She carefully stepped over the trailing tail of a Caitian NE and continued. “This is my first real star ship posting!”

Ens Charlie

“Well, congratulations!” He said, ducking slightly as the Caitan whipped his tail out of Charlie’s way. “If you ask me, nothing beats shipboard duty. At the very least, it will keep you busy.” He followed Charlie into the turbolift at the end of the corridor. The ride to the psychology deck was very short. A few seconds of awkward silence and then the doors swished open onto another nearly identical corridor. “Where do I go from here? I don’t want to keep you from the rest of your duties. I’m sure you have better things to do than lead a new officer around to places he could easily ask the computer for.”

-Lt. Thoon Furood (Sec)

Charlie continued to grin. “Not at all I’m more than happy to show officers around the ship. Just down the corridor here you’ll find the reception hologram and waiting area. I’ll come with you Ive been meaning to check in down here anyway.” She walked with him towards the desk where HARLEEN the reception hologram waited.

HARLEEN popped her holographic bubble gum and considered them “wotcha what can I do for ya both?” She asked.

Ens Charlie

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