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Dira’s gazed flicked to Haven and she nodded. “Very well.” While she was a trained mental health professional, as well has having an MD, she also understood that this was not the time to be reckless.

Commander Myqian, XO

Laurali stepped forward “I’ll go with the Commander.” She said and looked at the first officer “Whenever you’re ready Commander.”

Breeden (sec)

Zoi turned and nodded as she saw the newest security Ensign step forward. THis would be a good beginning assignment for her. “Excellent Ensign Breeden. I trust you will keep our XO out of harms way.”

Haven, CoS

“I will do my best ma’am.” Laurali said and looked to the XO to head out.

A glimmer appeared in Dira’s eyes and she nodded. “Alright then, let’s go.”

Surveying the scene for a moment, the XO headed over to the supplies and grabbed a carry bag. “We’re going to take food rations with us. Keep an eye out for those that are more wary of us than others as they might be the ones who need help the most,” she said to Breeden. “I’m a trained psychiatrist, so trust that I know what I’m doing but also follow your instincts. We’re going to venture out gently here.”

Commander Myqian, XO

“Yes ma’am.” She said and grabbed some extra rations as well “I prefer gentle venturing, less chance of misunderstanding.” She said as she pulled a pack onto her back.”

Breeden (sec)

Zoi watched them go for a moment, but that was all she allowed herself. To the new security officer, it seemed that her Chief’s only concern was for the well-being of the XO of their ship. But, it was so much more. To Zoi, Dira was precious and though she could not let herself act that way on the job, she did allow herself a moment of worry before turning to the other jobs at hand.

The area around the mobile hospital had started to become slowly inundated with refugees as they started to approach at first with curiosity and then looking for help in some form or fashion. It would take the team a little while to navigate the masses to get into the camp proper.

GM Wombat

Guided by her telepathy and empathy, Myqian allowed herself to be pulled through the crowd, seeking out those who might need the most help. But at the same time, they were here for everyone. Rations packed in a bag, she moved with a light expression on her face, letting people see that she was not a threat t them. But she was also careful to slow down as the crowd tightened a bit, to allow Breeden to stay beside her. “We have rations for everyone would like some,” she said to the people approaching them. “There are water rations available too.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Laurali followed the First Officer’s attitude and open stance, but kept her eyes peeled for potential problems, especially with a group the size they were currently facing.

It was at that exact moment that Oscar emerged from the nearest door of the mobile hospital, visibly annoyed.

“Perfect! Absolutely perfect! What a complete and utter disappointment!”

The Grouch stormed out and saw all the colonists, then looked around for any fellow Starfleet officers. Unable to see any through the mass of people, Cascarrabias realized that he probably needed to dial back his usual dissatisfaction.

“Uh… I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said the facility behind me is perfect. All systems are good to go, nothing I need to fix or adjust, so, you know, whenever the medical personnel actually want to use it, go ahead. I was just, uh, wanting something to work on so I could go tell Starfleet Medical that their shiny new toy needed some adjustments. Turns out, I don’t get that chance.”

Rarely did Oscar ever feel awkward, but today was clearly one of those cases.

Oscar Cascarrabias

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Haven, CoS

The crowds started to come towards the group slowly. It was unusual for a suspicious people to jump at free gifts. There was always a catch after all, and the XO could feel the suspicion of her and the group. It was not only that, but something else. Distrust mingled with disbelief. Why were these people here giving them things? Was it pity that was motivating Star Fleet? Was it altruism? Was it something all together different?

A small, unjaded boy, approached. Quiet as a church mouse he watched the group before running up to them and asked: “My friend said you have sweets. She was just in getting a check up. Can I have a sweet?” All eyes turned to the boy, watching to see how he would be treated.

GM Wombat

Laurali smiled “I have a fruit bar.” She said “It’s sweet but not loaded with sugar.” She said handing over two bars, o e for him and one for a friend.

Oscar saw the kid running to the other Starfleet crew, and was suddenly quite glad that he was not handing out anything. He hadn’t realized that the refugees would be coming along so soon; Oscar had half expected the sudden descent of a large edifice would cow them away for longer. As it was, he was too far away to hear what the kid wanted, and, no matter what, he was even more glad that he wasn’t the one dealing with the boy. Oscar’s own isolated childhood from the age of six meant that he had actually forgotten what being a child was like. More than that, he really didn’t understand what it was like to be a child without a galactic anchor for his whole life.

More than anything, though, Oscar knew that his default state of “disgruntled” would not have been the right approach to take with a child. Sure, the Ogawa was technically there on a mission of mercy, some sort of way to apologize to the Romulans for abandoning them in their time of need. Admittedly, it had struck him when the evacuation was proposed that there was only so much that anyone could reasonably do for a group of people who had recently allowed the development of a planet-killing WMD. What a difference a society-ending catastrophe makes.

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