The time has come! [CO, XO, Anyone who wants in]

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Octavia was nervous, she had every right to be. Walking what seemed to be the longest corridor in the history of corridors she paused and steadied herself against the bulkhead. She wasn’t particularly sure why she was so nervous, perhaps she didn’t want to say the wrong things or make a fool out of herself by tripping up or any number of embarrassing things. She could feel her symbiote stir inside of her which only made her feel queazy, for a Trill she was never meant to be joined and perhaps she was the worst host ever, the Raain symbiote inside her however constantly told her otherwise. Sucking in a deep breath she prepared herself and made the rest of the way without incident to the large briefing room.

Once she was ready she stepped up to the door before she knocked she could hear voices on the otherwise and instead of doing the normal thing of declaring her presence instead, she stood with her little button nose but a hairline from the door and listened. Perhaps she’d hear how and if she’d graduated before it would happen and that way she’d be prepared for the feeling of utter disbelief.

  • Octavia Raain

Having briefly mentored Raain in her first rounds of internships in sickbay, Alexis was happy to be at the conference room for her Graduation. The young cadet, now ensign, had been through a lot during her time, including the emergency joining with her symbiote. Alexis still found the morals and ethics hard to rectify, but she reminded herself it wasn’t her culture and she didn’t have to understand it but simply accept it. It hadn’t risked Octavia’s health, but it had irrevocably changed her life.

Next to her, Frigga let out a low whine and her tail began to wag. Alexis grinned, “Is she here?” Frigga adored the young Trill and there was more than one occasion when Alexis found Frigga following Octavia around when Alexis had gone to pick Frigga up. Frigga whined again and Alexis reached down to pat her on the head. “Okay Frigga we know.” Having gotten her message across Frigga stopped whining and sat still, except for her tail.

Bonner and Frigga

Willow looked up from the computer terminal where she was finishing finalising the paper work. “Is she here?” She asked hearing Frigga and echoing Alexis. Her fingers flew across the terminal. “Nearly done, nearly done…where’s the box with the pip and the new uniform?” She asked absently without looking up.

Willow Taylor

“It would seem so Captain.” Alexis shook her head looking down at Frigga. “Be still this is serious.” The dog of course didn’t care. Alexis looked around for the box, she knew she’d seen the captain walk in with it. “Is that it on the floor by your feet?”

Bonner, AMO

Willow looked down, her cheeks colouring slightly. “For goodness sake. Well spotted! Thank you,” she picked up the box and checked it’s contents. Satisfied she finished with the computer and stepped back just in time beaming. “Everything’s filed sorted and done! We are ready!”

Octavia gave it another moment before sucking up her courage and entering the room, her courage however faltered at the sign of Bonner who she hadn’t expected to be there. “Lieutenant, Captain” She squeaked out as she came to a ‘at ease’ stance just past the threshold of the door, enough so it wasn’t closing behind her. Taking a step forward the door was finally allowed to close.

  • Octavia Raain

Willow inclined her head in that captainy way starship COs tended to do. She schooled her expression but failed to knock the clear pride from her face.

Bonner nodded and smiled, “Raain.” It was given that they wouldn’t be having this meeting if Raain hadn’t passed and done well. Though when working independently and all the work she’d done to create her classes and meet the standards there was always that worry that you’d missed something. It was traditional for faculty to attend the commencement ceremonies. Alexis had been more of a tutor than an instructor, but Raain deserved to have as many people present as possible for this. She’d worked hard for it.

The door opened again almost immediately and the scowling, hird covered face of the CSO walked in. He glared at everyone present, moved off to the side and pulled out a treat for Frigga. “Don’t worry, Raain… it’s all downhill from here.” he growled as Frigga took the treat, tail thumping against the floor.

Kane, CSO

Willow gave a slightly indulgent roll of her eyes at Kane’s comment.

STEAK KEEPER! Frigga’s tail thumped loudly against the floor. And a TREAT! She took the single step necessary to get next to him and gently took the offered treat. Chewing it up and she was a lady after all so she was very careful not to drop a crumb on the floor. She leaned heavily against his leg tail still thumping quietly. I love you I love you I love you. I don’t know what I did to deserve a treat right now, but I love you and you are my favorite.

The corner of Bonner’s mouth twitched. Spoiled, Frigga was totally spoiled. The pup was practically vibrating with happiness, and then she was gone to stand next to Kane. Alexis turned her attention (the part not contemplating that case she consulted on that morning) back to the young woman and the proceedings that were about to begin.

Looking more serious than perhaps people were used to, Myqian stepped into the room. This was an important occasion and while a happy one, she wanted Raain to have a similar experience to what others had graduating from Starfleet Medical. She wanted this to feel important. She came to stand at Willow’s side, offering Octavia a small smile.

Commander Myqian, XO

Octavia, her face reddening and seemingly more officers turned up wanted the bulk heads to eat her alive. She respected them all a great deal and in her time have each individually helped her either come to terms with her joining or teach her and help her graduate remotely from the academy that alone was also a feet given it was done very rarely though in the case it was granted.. “Th-Thankyou lieutenant,” She said wondering what was all downhill but didn’t question it.

  • Octavia Raain

Frigga sniffed and sniffed again. Oh no. Octavia’s upset. Must help. Frigga wiggled where she sat waiting for someone to give her permission to go sit on Octavia. Poor girl smelled of nervousness and Frigga just wanted to lay on her and make it better. She was one of Frigga’s favorite patients and she wanted to help. Frigga looked from Kane to Bonner and back. Couldn’t they tell something was wrong? She looked at the other people and no one else seemed to notice. She nudged Alexis’ hand trying to get her to pay attention but Alexis only patted her on the head.


Alexis pat Frigga on the head. She understood what Frigga was trying to tell her, but the nervousness that Frigga was scenting was normal and not a bad thing. Frigga had an unusually strong connection to the young woman. No matter,

Once everyone had arrived (Ooc anyone else feel free to jump in!) Willow cleared her throat for quiet and said. “It is always a great honour to see one of our own succeed in their goals and ambitions. And it is with great pride that we gather here today to celebrate not only the remote graduation of one of our own but also…to welcome them to take up the offer of a post here with us on the Ogawa.”

She indicated to Octavia for her to step forward. “Octavia Raain it is my privilege to present you with this symbol of your hard work and diligence. On recommendation of the faculty, STAR-FLEET academy hereby Acknowledges your completion of all course and training requirements and bestows upon you the honour of graduate and confer upon you the rank of Ensign .” She offered the PaDD and certificate which had been sent for the occasion and then presented the shiney pip in its box.

Smiling Willow stepped back slightly. “Congratulations Ensign.”

Willow Taylor

Dira clapped as she grinned. It was indeed a great moment and Raain deserved to be celebrated for her achievement. In many ways it made her think about her own days fresh out of the Medical Academy, tumultuous as they had been. She was more glad than she could express that this generation did not come of age during a war and post-war period. They got to thrive without that hanging over their heads.

Commander Myqian, XO

Alexis clapped along with everyone else smiling at the new ensign. Frigga yipped excitedly as everyone clapped and cheered. This reminded her of her own graduation. Alexis had finished her four years a year early and completed her fourth year on the Hathaway. She had forgone returning to Academy for the commencement. Her parents had shown up though, in the Captain’s ready room, for the event. But all that really changed was she had one solid gold pip instead of four ovals the next day. “Congratulations Ensign.”

Bonner, AMO

Octavia was silent for a very long time, she didn’t realize she was holding her breath until she gasped for air, she couldn’t help the little tear that formed in the corner of her eye as she first googled the pip and then reached for it. It took several more seconds for Octavia to find her words as the tears have smeared down her cheeks. “Thank you, Captain.” She turned to those who had attended but more importantly taught her and had helped her through what was a difficult period in her life. “Thank you all.” She whipped away her tears “I don’t know why I’m crying” She said letting out a soft laugh.

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