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On the way over, Mariah offered reassuring smiles to those she passed even though most of them ignored her. She didn’t blame them, but resolved to offer kindness as much as possible. Grayson understood how much these sorts of missions lived and died by a sense of trust, and she wasn’t about to give them a reason to distrust her.

Still, she was grateful to have Haven with her in case there was any trouble. At the back of her mind, she still wasn’t quite sure her patient was being upfront with her, and Grayson wasn’t sure if it was just understandable shame or something else.

As she entered the home, she kept her eyes on its two primary occupants, searching for any concerns that might be underlying. So far, it seemed everything was just as Nohun had said, though it didn’t take a physician to realize she was dealing with a clearly intoxicated older man.

Mariah approached him, but stayed just out of striking distance. No sense invading the man’s privacy without permission. Pretending not to hear the chump remark, Mariah offered, “my name is Doctor Mariah Grayson. I’d be happy to bring you some food, but for now, your wife asked if I might help you with some sleeping issues. She must care for you a lot to come all this way.”

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

“Doctor, eh?” He grumbled suspicious as he reached for a bottle sitting next to him. “Out to fleece us for more money? Or are you just going to sterilize us and decrease the surplus population?” He then proceeded to ramble for the next few minutes about various conspiracy theories from the mundane to the extreme, including by not limited to how the Federation was in league with the Romulan dry cleaning industry, because introducing ketchup increased the need for clothing to be professionally cleaned, though by his appearance he had nothing professionally cleaned for some time.

Nohun ignored the paranoid ramblings and addressed Mariah directly. “He will be in this loop for a good twenty minutes if we let him. He doesn’t mean it,” she said as her eyes drifted downward to smooth her tunic. “He really is a good man but… Things and stress. Never was quite the same after his brother died on Romulus. Now he rambles into the night until he passes out then wakes up again with demands for food and the like.” She glanced back to him, “I can snap him out of it, if you’d like.”

GM Wombat

She brought out a bag she had full of food and other supplies and handed it to Nohun. It was sad to see the state of the man and the responsibility that now lay on the young woman’s shoulders as a result. She was far too familiar with ravings and this sort of responsibility. She didn’t want to step in where the Psychiatrist should though and simply stayed silent and as passive as possible so as not to trigger rage in the man.

Haven, CoS

Mariah turned to Haven and mouthed a silent thank you for passing the bag of food to Nohun, grateful that she had thought to bring such supplies, as Mariah had not. She considered Nohun’s offer to break him out of his rambling, wondering if she should take the wife up on it. After all, she knew him best. Then again, she was concerned about whether that might put Nohun at risk. Instead, she listened carefully, offering nods and murmurs of acknowledgement if not agreement on occasion. When there was a pause in the man’s ramblings, she offered, “I can see you’ve been thinking a lot on these things, sir, and I respect how strongly you feel about things. I also understand you’re not quite ready to trust me yet. I wonder, would you consider letting Nohun scan you, if I gave her the tools and showed her how? You do trust her to not do anything to hurt you, yeah?”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Zoi gave a small nod and half smile. She had retained two such bags to remain on her person for just such an occurrence. Should she find herself outside of the area where supplies were being given, she might come across someone who needed them. She was glad that it helped Grayson. After all, the woman had not had time to retrieve any such supplies while catering to her patient.

The man grumped something through slurred speech before nodding a little. “She has had plenty of opportunity to kill me and hasn’t yet,” he finally admitted as proof that at least she wasn’t out to get him. Leaning back in his chair he groaned slightly.

Nohun turned back to Grayson and Haven after having put the foodstuffs down on a counter. “What do you want me to do?”

GM Wombat

Stepping back to allow Nohun and Grayson to work, she watched the old man with keen eyes, ready to move to protect doctor and patient if necessary.

Haven, CoS

Things were progressing well so far, but Mariah knew she couldn’t afford to let her guard down just yet. The older and clearly drunken man didn’t seem to be any more disagreeable than any other intoxicated person she had met, but that didn’t mean the situation would remain predictable.

Grayson still wasn’t convinced Nohun wasn’t suffering more than she was letting on, but for right now, enlisting her assistance would give both of them a sense of control and still allow her to get the information she needed.

After pulling a medical tricorder from her bag and setting it to the appropriate mode and calibration, she handed Nohun the larger device in one hand and gave her the smaller detached MP in the other “I just want you to keep this larger device still but pointed at him, while you move the smaller device in the other hand in an up-and-down motion like this,” Grayson demonstrated with her own hands. “Don’t worry about missing anything up. You’re going to be great at this and I’ll be right here to help you.”

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

The woman smiled weakly then took the tricorder and started the scan of her belligerent husband. As was previously reported he was facing multiple organ failures from advanced alcoholism but was at least stable.

GM Wombat

Looking over the older woman’s shoulder as she did as Grayson had asked, Mariah kept her face inscrutable even as the scan’s results revealed what she had been afraid of. Multiple organ failure meant this man required immediate treatment, and even though he was stable for now, the psychiatrist knew he wouldn’t be for long. Of course, ultimate wellness meant he would need to find healthier coping strategies for the hurts behind the addiction or else he would be right back where he started, but ultimate wellness required a level of trust Grayson wasn’t sure she could ever earn, let alone earn her now.

“You can stop now, Nohun. Thank you for your help. You did a great job and I have what I need.” She offered a reassuring nod to the older woman and took a moment to gather her thoughts. Meeting the old man’s eyes, she began, “I thank you for trusting me thus far, sir. I can imagine it took a lot for you to do that, but I can see your wife loves you a great deal and I’m hoping for her sake, you’d be willing to open up just a bit more? Will you tell me your name?” It may have seemed a bit late to be asking this now, but in comparison to what needed to happen, the psychiatrist was glad to focus on just getting him to agree to the scan. Now that she was about to give them both such news, however, at the very least she wanted to address him by name.

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

“Tamon,” he grumbled out to Mariah, before reaching for something on the table. “What do you want to know?” He wasn’t exactly committing to opening up more, just entertaining the idea of it all.

Zoi glanced at the tricorder readings and then returned her gaze to its noncommittal looking state. IT wouldn’t be long before he would die from his self inflicted abuses if she was reading the information gathered correctly. She felt a pang of sorrow for the wife. It must be hell watching the man she loved turn into this deflated and diseased version of himself. She wondered how Mariah was hoping to handle the situation. In her experience, people who were basically in the last stages of paranoia due to severe alcohol abuse were unlikely to be cooperative and change their lives.

Haven, CoS

Neither Tamon nor Nohun said anything to Zoi. Not that they were blatantly ignoring her, just they didn’t see a need to engage at this time. Nohun had given the equipment back to Mariah and then withdrew slightly into herself, letting the man take over the conversation.

GM Wombat

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