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Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Internal Medicine Help - Unroth III

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Internal Medicine Help - Unroth III
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Alexis administered the hypo. “Thank you. Anyone else at risk here on the surface will have to go through the same procedure. Dr. Walker is synthesizing the inoculations and sending them down. If you will make sure to receive them when they arrive we’ll keep those located here in the lab.” She made the appropriate notes and signed off in Solal’s file. “I’ll leave you to work.” Alexis didn’t engage in small talk. There was work to do and there was more to be done.

She walked back into the room with her patient. “I’m sorry about that. I hope Frigga kept you entertained. Now tell me what happened to your knee.”

Bonner, AMO

OOC I didn’t think this would be the thread to blow up while I was out of pocket! I re-read many of the posts the last couple of weeks and have some questions before I respond IC:

  1. Are you having these conversations in front of the patient?

No. Solal came in to get a blood sample and then they stepped into the hall.

  1. If not where is everyone in these conversations? Is anyone with the patient?

They were in the corridor/hall, then the lab, and now Alexis has returned to the room with the patient. Does Frigga count? Alexis left her there with him. I assume there is an NE nurse, but I never said.



Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

=^= Taylor to Bonner, what about the camera crew? Any exposure there?=^=


=/\=They have been planet side captain, so I would say yes. I have not seen them myself, except briefly before the hospital landed. I believe they were with Cmdr Myqian. Like anyone else returning to the ship, I would put them in quarantine until we’re sure.=/\= Alexis was too professional and concerned over the seriousness of a possible outbreak to show it, but the idea of locking up that foul little man, she was sure, would make a lot of people happy.

Bonner, AMO

=^= Understood, keep us updated.= ^=

Opening another comm willow said =^= Taylor to Myqian, do you have eyes on our..guests number one?=^=

Willow Taylor

Myqian sighed. =/\=Not currently. I saw him a few minutes ago, but just had an update from Bonner and deal with something there personally first.=/\= There was no good way to say over the comm ‘Hey, my brain is going nuts with the sheer amount of suffering down here and I needed my abilities dampened a bit to remain functional.’ Sometimes less was more. =/\=I’ll go find him. Do you want him to stay put, or be elsewhere?=/\=

Commander Myqian, XO

There was a moment of silence, as if Willow were taking in the comment before she said. =^= Given the infectious nature of the situation Bonner has updated us on I think it might be prudent to have the camera crew beamed back to the ship and placed in quarantine. =^=

Willow Taylor

Myqian shook her head. =/\=I’m not sure if this is my luckiest day or about to make it worse. Wish me luck.=/\=

After signing off, the XO left the hospital to go find Golfink and hope he hadn’t gotten himself into trouble for the sake of ‘dramatic license’.

Commander Myqian, XO

=^= Let’s go with luckiest day. Good luck!=^= Willow said and closed the comm.

Willow Taylor

The patient, being left more or less alone in his little room closed his eyes and leaned back, starting to doze, unconcerned with the absence of the medical staff, and generally just assuming they were off to get medicine or other things of use. He wasn’t worried about his cough and saw no reason for anyone else to be.

Bonner reentered the room and glanced at Frigga who was calmly laying on the floor in the corner and then at the patient who was sleeping. Alexis was innoculated but she still returned wearing the appropriate PPE. She laid a hand on the mans arm gently. She didn’t want to startle him. “We got your test results back. I have good news and bad news. Bad news is you have Romulan Tuberculosis. The good news is we can treat it. I have the medicine here to start treatment.”

“Now, let’s take a look at your leg.”

Bonner, AMO

As for the others.... quick search about the premises of the surface would find the Twins lurking about with their hand held recorders, but Golfink was no where to be found. The last time anyone saw him he was with Oscar beaming off the planet.

GM Wombat

The man frowned and then nodded, resigning himself to the thought that, indeed, he was sick. “It happens, unfortunately, in such close quarters.” He frowned again and then tried to shuffle out his leg. “I think this will be more difficult to work on but I know you are a professional, doctor, and will set it right.”

GM Wombat

“It does happen, but we’re going to make sure everyone is healthy. Dr. Solal will be back soon to talk to you about where you’ve been and who you have been around. That way we can check on them and make sure they either get treated or vaccinated.”

Alexis reached over to the counter and picked up her tricorder again and gave the leg a detailed scan to see what was wrong. “Can you tell me how you hurt your leg or when you first started noticing something was wrong?”

Bonner, AMO

Solal returned a few minutes later with a PaDD to take notes with. “These are standard questions for contact tracing - that is, seeing who you’ve been around that might have caught the same infectious illness you have,” he explained and then asked, “Where have you been recently, since you started having symptoms? I need to know about markets or shops, events, meet ups, anywhere in which you were around other people. Is there anyone specific you visited, like a friend or family member?”

~ Lt JG Solal


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