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The interesting thing about being in a starship was that no matter how far away you were from planets somehow the goings on on them followed you. Journals on the latest medical advancements, psychiatry developments, engineering technology or science breakthroughs were everywhere. And they were good at chasing down a ship and crew.

With that in mind Willow had decided to resurrect an old tradition from her academy days. Journal club, a space where people could get together and share new finds or old finds that struck their interest.

And so she stood in the holodeck in jeans and an old flannel shirt, surveying the programme she had decided to run to host the first meeting. It was a replica of an old haunt she had frequented. Polished black wooden floors covered in rugs. Huge leather chairs, be bags and sofas, tables made of recycled repurposed ship consoles and best of all a bar serving both coffee and alcoholic drinks and snacks. It was her favourite place on Earth. Literally. So it was fitting she choose this place to share. Well it was after Cai had told her it was lame to host it in her uniform in the conference room.

She set the invite around the crew via GALEN a few days ago and now, as she pulled the last of the furniture into a circle so everyone could see one another, she had nothing to do but sit back on a sofa, eating a handful of pretzels, while she waited to see if anyone would come.

Willow Taylor

When Mariah had received the Captain’s invitation to meet and discuss the latest developments across a variety of professional journals, she was delighted. Fully recognizing that academic discussions were not the most glamorous use of anyone’s free time, Grayson still found such discussions invigorating.

While it was true it was unhealthy to make work one’s identity and primary source of joy and purpose, there was no getting around the fact the people that served aboard the Ogawa were a unique breed of Starfleet personnel, the majority of whom had been conditioned to prioritize academics, not just as a personality quirk, but as a means to give back. Given the sacrifice that required, she hoped she and others could be forgiven for seeing her occupation as not just what she did, but a true expression of the person she had been molded to be.

This was also a chance to get to know people better, which was never a bad thing.

Mariah entered the holodeck and smiled. “Hello, Captain.”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Willow looked up at the sound of someone approaching and smiled widely. “Dr Grayson, welcome! Please come have a seat!” She said delightedly.

Willow Taylor

Of course, although he had been invited, Oscar still felt like he was (what was the esoteric term one of his classmates at the Academy had used?) “crashing the party”. He had no interest in medical journals, and nothing really new of note was present in the engineering journals he had read, so he was already not contributing from a professional angle. Admittedly, the latter point was because he tended to keep informed about engineering developments before they were announced. The first Federation civilian transwarp vessel had been a boring announcement for Oscar because he was connected to a member of the team who built it, which meant that Cascarrabias had heard the news six months before it became public.

So instead, Oscar read hobbyist journals. It would have been an odd thing for anybody who was unaware of his personal collection - all of which was now out of a cargo bay and into his personal quarters because of his promotion and subsequent living quarters reallocation. However, he had come fully ready to discuss the wonders of a new collection hobby - kal-toh games manufactured elsewhere besides Vulcan. They were the newest craze among gaming hobbyists, based on various color schemes, alternate final shapes, size variants, and even “material” variants. Oscar had only managed to get three, along with his “normal” kal-toh set, but there were, as of the writing of the journal article, 241 specifically recognized variations.

Oscar walked in, wearing ratty jeans and a long sleeve shirt bearing the logo of a band from 22nd century Spain.

“Hello,” Oscar said as he went to slouch in a bean bag. “Hopefully this isn’t some sort of burrito… boring, stupid translator… ‘work speak’ meeting.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

“And here I thought I’d fixed that,” Caelian grumbled as the holodeck closed behind him. Scrubbing a hand through his hair he gave a dejected sigh. “I still don’t have any idea how you’re the only one it’s affecting, Chief.”

The ensign gave a quick wave to those gathered before looking about with a strange look on his face. He muttered a few half-sentences to himself before pulling over a chair and plopping down into it. Leaning back in a relaxed posture that he certainly wasn’t feeling given the company, Caelian gave the metallic band on his wrist a quick double-tap. An itemized list—personal experiments and reference manuals, mostly—melted into view in the air in front of him. Unclasping his charcoal vest and adjusting the square collar of the darker shirt beneath, the young man kicked one leg atop the other and laced his fingers on his thigh.

“I hope this soiree isn’t limited to the ottone geniale,” he chuckled in a soft-yet-rich accent. “If so, I am very much in the wrong place.”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Mariah smiled her thanks to the Captain and did as she asked, finding a seat on a comfortable couch that had room for plenty of others. Mindful that her work often meant sitting across from another in a single chair of her own, Grayson wanted to be more accessible and social for this occasion, already pleased it had attracted a couple of engineers she had only recognized from reviewing the crew manifest.

Turning to welcome both men, Grayson offered with a cheerful grin, “I don’t wish to speak for our host, but my understanding is that all are welcome. It’s certainly a pleasure to meet you both… Mariah Grayson,” she added easily then, making a point not to refer to her title or position, lest she turn this gathering into something decidedly less relaxing.

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

This was really not Alexis’s thing. Well reading journals like they were water was. She loved keeping up with new developments. It was the social thing she didn’t like. But that day with her brother, Cpt Taylor had invited her to attend, so she really shouldn’t miss it. She mentioned it to Solomon, at least if he came there would be someone who understood when she talked, but this was really not his thing. Walking in and seeing the setting, she got a mental image of him in a smoking jacket and pipe and almost laughed aloud.

The AMO moved over to a chair. Her overly long hair was in a bun held in place by 3 spare styluses, wearing her medical uniform and lab coat. She slipped into the seat, her posture overly proper, it was good for your health after all, and perused the different articles she had transferred to her PaDD.

Bonner, AMO

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