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Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) in CSO Quarters - Home Sweet Home… (Tag Bonner)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in CSO Quarters - Home Sweet Home… (Tag Bonner)
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Kane ushered her further inside and said “Because Lucy, not unlike you, was always getting into… let’s call them ‘situations’… that led to her having to explain her motivations and planning to her husband Ricky. And Ricky would always just shake his head and help her fix whatever she had managed to complicate. That’s the technical explanation. To truly understand it, you’d need to watch it. So unpack a bit and then we’ll do dinner and a show.”

Kane, CSO

Alexis leaned against his arm just a little for a moment, as he led her further into the space. Her brow wrinkled in what was probably supposed to be a scowl, but she was thinking it over waaaay too much. “I do NOT get into situations.” But she supposed, though she wouldn’t say it out loud, she did complicate things....sometimes.

He had a point though, unpacking, or at least figuring out what was in each crate, was necessary. Cracking open one and then another, Alexis found the small bin of dog toys and set it on the floor by the side of the couch. Frigga immediately went to it and started nosing about and pulling out every toy till she found the bone she wanted. Then she disappeared under a chair. Alexis found her emergency medical kit and set it behind the desk - creature of habit.

Alexis found a crate with uniforms and hung them up. Underneath she found the green shoe sized box that had been in the closet. The lid was loose and she sat down on the bed and opened it, making sure everything was still inside. Everything was there though it was mostly empty, and she was glad it hadn’t been discarded. She placed it on the shelf and then looked back in the crate - clothes that could be put away later or left there. She slid the bin out of the way.

Bonner, AMO

Kane did some unpacking of his own, but in all truth there really wasn’t much. One of the joys of being ripped from one timeline, dropped in another, and kept in a prison for years… not much in the way of actual luggage. he thought to himself. Once he was mostly unpacked, he got bored and watched Alexis for a bit. Random thoughts of the two of them played through his head and he smiled slightly before finally standing up and moving to the couch. “Hey! Come in here, will you please? I have something I want to show you.”

Kane, CSO

Alexis didn’t have much. Two larger duffle bags. One for her and one for Frigga. Frigga probably had more stuff than Alexis did if you didn’t count Alexis’ endless PaDDs. Though she tried to leave those at her desk, her work always followed her everywhere. Alexis looked up from where she was taking the last of Frigga’s things out of a crate and smiled. She put the dog bed on the floor next to Solomon’s side of the bed because she knew if she didn’t, Frigga would stare at him all night until they moved it. Things had changed quite a bit over the last few months, but if she didn’t think about it too much and instead just felt she knew she was really happy and this was where she wanted to be.

She came out of the bedroom and sat down on the couch next to him. “What is it that you want to show me?” She scratched Frigga behind the ears as the dog came out from where she’d been chewing on a bone.

Bonner, AMO

“This.” and the viewer came on and displayed a grainy black and white picture of a heart superimposed over some kind of fabric… silk or satin maybe?… with the words ‘I Love Lucy’ in cursive written inside the heart. “So this was filmed, in the old calendar, in 1951… so stardate…” and he paused and did some calculations in his head quickly, “-371211.643. Six seasons, one hundred eighty episodes. And starring one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen… Lucille Ball. Settle in, we’re watching the first episode now.”

Kane, CMO

Alexis turned her head to look at Solomon, she had a roommate on the Hathaway her first year rotation that had a term for that…’celebrity crush.’ She took a seat next to him one brow raising with a slight smirk to her mouth. So that’s what Solomon found attractive - interesting. Alexis settled onto the couch next to him and after a minute Frigga was on his other side, nosing her head under his hand.

Alexis watched as the four characters made separate plans to celebrate a wedding anniversary. And that seemed really strange to her…wasn’t the whole point of celebrating any type of anniversary to spend it with people who shared the significance of the date? Of course she didn’t attend such things unless ordered to do so, so what did she know about it? The whole episode seemed to revolve around the fact the two women got separate dates for their anniversary but were upset that the men did the same thing and then tried to trick them. Alexis didn’t think it was really funny, except maybe in an ironic way. The women were acting like complete idiots and she had to commend the men for being good humored about it because she certainly didn’t think the women deserved it.

Solomon said she was beautiful. She gave a mental shrug, there was no correlation between physical attractiveness and mental intelligence. Then again the actress wasn’t the character. But why would she want to act so…so…well like that. Obviously Alexis didn’t know enough about 20th century social norms. She might have to research. When it was over she sat up and away from him just a couple of inches. “I do not get into situations like that.”

Bonner, AMO

Kane chuckled and looked at her through is perpetual cascade of wild hair. “No… you get into situations like having a psychotic sociopath try and abduct you form a Star Fleet vessel and keep you locked up somewhere doing all his work for him.” and he nudged her gently with his elbow. “But the reactions are similar. You, and Lucy, want something very specific. You, and Lucy, tend to get tunnel vision and focus on that one thing to your own detriment. But it works out in the end and you, and Lucy, always have me, and Ricky, to fall back on. And I, and Ricky, will always support you, and Lucy, no matter how crazy the situations you find yourself in get.” and he quick kissed her on the cheek before turning the next episode on.

Kane, CSO

He kissed her cheek and Alexis opened her mouth, and Kane would know it was going to be one of those back and forth endless comments and questions conversations they had. He could probably see the thoughts bouncing around and in her head as she decided on what order to utter them. Okay so yes she was in that situation, but Soulis was not her fault. That was not an accurate comparison. Lucy got into that mess because she knowingly put herself in that situation. She did not one day wake up and go ‘let me get involved with a psychopath who I don’t know is a psychopath.’ She’d been manipulated and tricked. Lucy did it on purpose. Alexis didn’t like that particular thought, that she was more gullible than Lucy. She had not wanted anything…okay so yes she had, she supposed. She had been young and stupid and had wanted someone to just listen and talk with her…well she wasn’t over that was she? She couldn’t argue with the tunnel vision. She knew it, had even admitted it to him and that was why she had Frigga. Hadn’t he promised the pup to make Alexis remember to eat? The last comment though, was one of those that Solomon always tossed out there that she didn’t know how to respond to. One of the emotive comments that made Alexis feel better as long as she didn’t over think it. None of that came out though. She just closed her mouth and looked back at the screen.

The second one was all about Lucy trying to figure out how to make Ricky be interested in her again. Which was absurd because it was obvious, even to Alexis, that he hadn’t lost interest. So Lucy decided to read a book about it. Alexis really didn’t like the comparison because that was something she would do. Alexis didn’t say anything when the episode ended.

Bonner, AMO

“So… thoughts?” Kane asked.

Kane, CSO

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