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The little man opened his mouth to argue but looking around quickly closed it again.

Fuming he kicked at the ground, the corner of one eye twitching as the tried so hard to hold his tongue, having long ago realized that the crew had no interest in his “wisdom.” Taking a deep breath he signed, “I am going to go start salvaging your image on the ship… This will be a hard sell. Compassion. Please.”

With that he tapped his guest badge, “One to beam aboard.”

GM Wombat

Dira quirked a furrowed brow at Golfink.

=/\=Bonner to Myqian. Commander I need to speak with you at the hospital.=/\=

Bonner, AMO

=/\=On my way. Myqian out=/\=

Dira turned to Oscar. “Keep things going here and let me know if anything changes or Golfink returns with anything more than an observational attitude.” She sensed trouble brewing and she wasn’t about to let that man turn this into some sort of side show.”

With a nod to the engineer, she made her way over to the hospital.

Commander Myqian, XO

Oscar didn’t have time to reply that he wasn’t the one who had started “things going”, and that Security seemed to be fine doing their jobs before the XO walked off. He wasn’t the type to chase down somebody, so he stayed rooted in his place, not quite gobsmacked, but a little resentful. Why did anybody assume that he was the one in charge here just because he was dressed differently? At least the Security NE who had roped him into handing out supplies knew that he was just a noncom.

“I just had to come out of that door,” Oscar muttered to himself, then turned back to the lines.

His station’s supplies were depleted, so he went over to a station that still had supplies but seemed to have nobody actually handing them out. He readied himself, ready to once again deal with the questions of both the young and the elderly regarding his appearance.

Oscar Cascarrabias

Laurali watched the others and then when the XO started moving toward the hospital, she fell in step with the first officer “Do we really need to have Golfink on board?”

Breeden (sec)

OOC: Dira had already been at the hospital and is now returning, but Breeden’s question works so perfectly that I’ll just have Dira back here already.

IC: “Need? No, definitely not. But the powers that be chose him and his team for this promotional piece so we just have to deal with them.” Not to find where Golfink went. Reaching out her mind, Dira then shook her head. Crap, she had the neural suppressant. It was always bizarre to suddenly dampen an everyday sense.

“We need to find our favourite little director before he goes and gets others possible infected.” That’s when she shook her head, remembering that Golfink had beamed back to the ship. Great. =/\=Myqian to Ogawa. Golfink has beamed back to the ship. If he’s not already been quarantined, well, you know the drill. We will need to follow containment protocols for the rest of the ship as well.

Commander Myqian, XO

=^= he has what!?=^= Willow responded whirling back to the consul she had just left.

Willow Taylor

Dira shook her head. =/\=I know. Happy hunting. I’ll keep thing contained down here as best I can. Myqian out.=/\=

And meanwhile, Oscar’s isolation suit had just sent him a private alert, courtesy (Oscar assumed) of GALEN.


Thankfully, it was a one-way projection, so none of the Romulans he was currently serving could see it. However, Oscar did have to suppress a laugh. Here he was, wearing an isolation suit because his view on personal hygiene was, to put it kindly, unorthodox. Suddenly, he needed the suit because there was some bug or other that was only a problem for Romulans, which meant that nobody in Starfleet had bothered to worry about it. The wonders of modern medicine.

Oscar Cascarrabias
Chief Engineer

Surveying the camp, arms akimbo, Dira felt no longer overwhelmed but also at a loss for what to do. The teams didn’t need her getting in their way and yet she was a highly trained psychiatrist, someone who held a medical degree. She should be useful right now. And yet her job was to troubleshoot, delegate and ensure things went smoothly. Despite Golfink slipping through their fingers she thought she had done well so far.

So she moved over to where the supply lines were and quietly observed. “How’s our stock so far? Do we need a replenish?” she asked the crew working (whomever that be).

Commander Myqian, XO

Oscar shook his head, then realized that his face plate wasn’t facing the XO, and he hadn’t shifted his isolation suit at all.

“Not at the moment, Commander,” Oscar said, looking at the slowly dwindling crowds. “They seem to be wary of taking more than is offered, or even for asking for it in most cases - except for the kids. The kids keep asking for stuff that, well, kids might want, but we didn’t bring it because it isn’t exactly on the list for emergency supplies. What’s a Romulan type of stuffed toy, anyway? We can’t exactly ask the Vulcans for a point of reference.”

He sighed.

“By the way, am I right in guessing we may have gotten the short nuisance to head outside - to leave - a little too early?”

Oscar Cascarrabias
Engineering (Not Yet CE IC)

Dira sighed. “Indeed. They’re establishing quarantine, but…” She shrugged. The damage was done and they would just have to deal with it step by step.

Stepping closer, she dropped her voice. “If you see any of our crew, quietly let them know that quarantine measures are in place and for the time being we can’t return to the ship. I don’t want to make a wide call in case we alarm these people.”

Commander Myqian, XO

OOC: Just realized that I never responded. A little silly, given that it’s my one main sim thread… for now…

“Will do, Commander,” the Grouch said. “I’m probably the only one with a portable alert system, and… I can go back to the ship because I’m wearing portable decontamination measures already.”

Oscar sighed.

“Is my condition just going to wind up being a little more useful than it was literally everywhere else I’ve been?”

Oscar Cascarrabias

OOC: Is there anything specific you need from me here in this thread?

GM Wombat

OOC: Just if any of the locals have overheard any of the conversation involving the quarantine, and whether it is affecting them. Also, if Oscar is able to break the quarantine because he follows different decontamination protocols.


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