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“It does happen, but we’re going to make sure everyone is healthy. Dr. Solal will be back soon to talk to you about where you’ve been and who you have been around. That way we can check on them and make sure they either get treated or vaccinated.”

Alexis reached over to the counter and picked up her tricorder again and gave the leg a detailed scan to see what was wrong. “Can you tell me how you hurt your leg or when you first started noticing something was wrong?”

Bonner, AMO

Solal returned a few minutes later with a PaDD to take notes with. “These are standard questions for contact tracing - that is, seeing who you’ve been around that might have caught the same infectious illness you have,” he explained and then asked, “Where have you been recently, since you started having symptoms? I need to know about markets or shops, events, meet ups, anywhere in which you were around other people. Is there anyone specific you visited, like a friend or family member?”

~ Lt JG Solal



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IC: “In the blast our ship got damaged. I was in a forward compartment when a crate was knocked loose and fell on me. They set it and it healed well enough but I re-injured it after getting here. Falling off a ladder. They weren’t able to… I don’t know. Some medical jargon about poor bone health. They did the best they could I know it.” He paused and glanced out side, towards the direction of the window before responding to Solal, “Doctor, there are 10 thousand people in this camp. There are probably two thousand outside waiting to get your food stuffs. Even if I were your patient Zero, I would imagine Twenty percent of those came into direct contact with me, or direct contact with someone I came in direct contact with.”

Alexis nodded, “I am quite sure they did. But if you are willing perhaps there is something we can do to make it better? We can also get you a vitamin infusion to help your bones improve.” Then she focused on scanning the leg while her patient talked to Solal. She already had an idea in mind for how to get the vaccine out to everyone. She needed to take care of his leg first though. Then she needed to confer with Solal, Kane, and Walker.

Bonner, AMO

He sighed, “But I know I am not the only case. There was an outbreak a week or two back. Seems every other month or so something happens. A couple people might die. Most recover fine. Perfectly preventable but half of us haven’t gotten boosters in years.”

GM Wombat

Solal nodded, checking his PaDD to see if the results of the test he’d run were in. He’d tested for the strain, so they would know which vaccine would be most effective, and he’d tested for the virility, to see how infectious the disease was, to give an idea how many people might be infected. “So it may be, but the questions are still important.” He looked to Bonner briefly when he said, “There is something that will work, everything has a logical solution.”

~ Lt JG Solal

Meanwhile as the two doctors worked, the XO received this message from the ship.

=^= Taylor to Myqian, both of the twins and Prem are still on the surface. sending you their locations now, can you lasso them together so we can transport them to join their boss without causing too much of a scene? =^= the locations were sent.

=^= Dr Marshall is coordinating the vaccines they will be ready for transport shortly then we can start a distribution system. I’d like to set a conference call with the away team before we do to discuss the best way to distribute, sound like a plan?=^=

Willow Taylor
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Solal’s test results came back quickly. It was the base strain, nothing unseen a thousand times across a thousand worlds in the Star Empire. The synthesis of the vaccine for this camp would take about two standard earth hours. Dispersal, if every nurse, doctor, and security officer were armed with hyposprays would take about 4 days. If they asked for help from the locals it would probably take a day to get everything passed out in 12 hours.

The leg would get better but never be perfect at this point, unless they really wanted to break it again, reset it, and then use the bone growth tool, which would take a couple of hours to do it all beginning to end and would still require the vitamin flush. He seemed happy enough though, just socializing with the doctors. Probably the clean and sterile climate controlled environment.

GM Wombat

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