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Dira grinned. “Just maybe, Chief, just maybe.”

OOC: Is there anything specific you need from me here in this thread?

GM Wombat

OOC: Just if any of the locals have overheard any of the conversation involving the quarantine, and whether it is affecting them. Also, if Oscar is able to break the quarantine because he follows different decontamination protocols.


OOC: Bump. Just need to know whether Oscar is under the quarantine, or if he can go back to the Ogawa because of his isolation suit.

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=^= Taylor to Myqian, both of the twins and Prem are still on the surface. sending you their locations now, can you lasso them together so we can transport them to join their boss without causing too much of a scene? =^= she sent the coordinates for each.

Willow Taylor

Dira surveyed the scene around her and sighed inwardly. =/\=Can do. I’ll go a-hunting.=/\=

Checking the coordinates, she was going to go after Prem first. But moving back to Oscar, she leaned in. “Slight change of plan. We need to find our film crew that are still on the surface. I’m going to go find and talk to Prem, but if you can maybe go to the where the twins are and quietly get them to beam up into quarantine with Golfink, we can do this quickly. But if they make a fuss, call me and I’ll come by and deal with it.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Oscar nodded. “I know a couple of NEs got sent to help with the water treatment facility, and that was apparently worth filming, so I’m guessing that’s the twins. Was Prem the one running that interview setup? I didn’t think that was finished yet, even though they should have been.”

(Insert XO response here, and further dialogue)

Having established where to go, Oscar started to walk to the water treatment facility. He had already left what he was doing to the Security NEs who had press ganged him into helping with supply distribution.

Oscar Cascarrabias

Interrupting Willows voice said =^= Taylor to Myqian, it seems I can’t read a computer readout properly. Prem is still on board the ship. I’ll go find her myself. Can you locate the twins please. Apologies number one for the confusion. =^=

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=/\=No worries, Captain, we’re on it. Myqian out.=/\=

She had already sent Oscar to find the twins, who were presumably together, so for the moment she would just keep an eye on everything, even though she was wishing she hadn’t needed the neural suppressant she had had Alexis give her.

Commander Myqian, XO

Oscar had reached the water treatment facility, and went inside. He knew from a quick interface check that the NEs were working on further improvements to the facility, although they had at least managed to make the water that came in potable when it left.

“Okay, folks, time to stop filming whatever you’re filming,” Oscar said. “Your boss got himself in a little bit of trouble by leaving early, so the whole film crew is getting transporters back. Whatever the fastest is that you can finish here, that’s how much time you have.”

Oscar was annoyed that he was playing chaperone to a couple of adults, but at least they hadn’t broken protocol.

Oscar Cascarrabias
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