Side sim: Hanging Around The Lounge (OPEN)

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It was a busy evening in the lounge, Solal would prefer if it were quieter. But he simply didn’t feel like sitting alone in his quarters that evening. It reminded him of when he’d met Séan: You could’ve gone to your quarters and yet you didn’t. Because you are lonely and sad. What a frustrating conversation that had been, not that Solal would ever admit that.

And yet here he was, doing something in the lounge that he could’ve been doing in his quarters. It was annoying when Séan was right. He wasn’t even here anymore and he was being annoyingly right. Another thing Solal would never admit. He was sitting alone at a table in the middle of the room, focusing on his PaDD.

On the PaDD was a little text based game, as if out of the earth 1980’s, except instead of Oregon Trail, it would describe a medical scenario and Solal would choose what course of action to take, and then the program would say what that does, and so on. Like a training scenario or practice. Solal found it entertaining and at the same time useful. Surely the holodeck could do something similar but Solal had played the text game in medical school. It was a useful time waster that he could carry around right on the PaDD.

~ Solal

Alexis entered the lounge, Frigga at her side. She had taken her dinner break to pick Frigga up from the counseling suite before taking her to the PT gym. GALEN was a great help when Alexis was very busy with getting Frigga where she should go, but she’d been reliant a little too much on GALEN for that lately. Frigga was her responsibility, and in truth she missed spending time with her dog. The lounge was closer than her quarters, so she led Frigga there and ordered lunch for herself and kibble for Frigga. If Frigga wanted steak she would have to wait for Solomon.

She glanced around for an empty table and spotted one toward the windows. She stopped though noticing Lt Solal sitting alone. She liked the man, he was an incredible doctor and didn’t engage in idle chatter just to fill silence. But she was the AMO and she was supposed to look out for the well being of the officers in her department. She didn’t really feel she was up for the task. Besides he may not want to be interrupted. That didn’t mean she shouldn’t at least speak to him, right? Giving herself a mental shake she made her way over toward his table on the way to find a seat. “Good evening Dr Solal.”

Bonner, AMO

Solal looked up, a little abruptly as if perhaps she’d startled him. “Doctor Bonner. Was there something you needed to talk to me about?” She was not one for small talk, typically, if the two spoke, it was work or duty related. That made it easy for Solal to talk to her, none of that personal idle chitchat. Today that dog of hers was with her. Solal knew of Frigga but had yet to actually see or meet the dog. He had no interest in doing so. He gestured to a seat across from himself, “You can sit, if you like.”

~ Solal

Well that certainly made it easier. She took the offered seat and carefully set the bowl down on the floor for the dog. “No, just looking for a place to sit. I abhor bothering people when they eat, so I hope you will forgive the intrusion. The lounge is very busy tonight. It didn’t seem efficient to take a larger table just for myself.”

Bonner, AMO

“A logical reason, Lieutenant,” said Solal approvingly. “I don’t mind. There was little to intrude upon.” There was a plate of half eaten food off to the side of him along with a cup of tea. It seemed he was eating slowly while he played on his PaDD. “I usually sit in my quarters to eat. Not always.”

~ Solal

Alexis was relieved she wasn’t bothering him overly much. “As do I. I prefer the quiet to reflect on the work I am doing. However, today’s work required a more effective t use of my time, and to stay closer to sickbay.” Alexis picked up her sandwich and began to eat.

It was about the small details, the tiny ways in which Dira was seeing the shift. She was no longer the ‘new XO’. At some point, despite some of the more recent challenges, Dira had slipped into the new territory of just being a part of the crew. She knew that Willow’s reassurance had helped her be able to see that, but more than that was the tangible way she was good at her job. Sure, she had had the training and the inclination, but until the experiment had yielded results it had still been uncertain thing.

Now she was feeling a bit more settled, even with the rest of her messy personal life factored in. Tonight though she was feeling strangely free. Yes, her psi abilities were apart of her. And yes, they had factored into her interactions with people her whole life. But not tonight. Call it immersion therapy, but Dira being on the suppressant was a bit like a vacation for her brain. Weird? Definitely, but also it allowed her to just interact with the crew without having to try to analyze anyone’s reactions: theirs or hers.

So, dressed for a night out in a casual sleeveless floral dress in magenta, blue and purple, her mass of curls bound up in a gold scarf, Dira slipped into the lounge and sidled up to the bar. “Something fun,” she said with a grin at the lounge host on duty tonight. She had a wager with herself to see how long it took people to be weirded out the XO was here. Except, she was not here as Commander Myqian. Nope. Tonight, Dira was just herself and it was time she got to relax and let loose a little too.

~Dira, Off-duty XO

Alexis noticed Myqian enter. She didn’t sigh but she was going to have to do something there, she just didn’t know what. She just inherently didn’t trust the woman and her invasive telepathy.

Bonner, AMO

Solal noticed the entrance of the XO as well. He barely knew her, he’d never spoken to her off duty. He was pretty sure he didn’t typically see her here, but perhaps he simply didn’t notice her. Or they happened to come on different days. It wasn’t like Solal spent a lot of time in the lounge.

For the time being, he turned his attention back to Bonner. With a nod, he replied, “Work has been slower lately, at least for myself.” Which was unfortunate, if you asked Solal. He liked what he did, so it made a good distraction.

~ Solal

A colourful drink was slid across the bartop, its layers green, blue and yellow. Dira eyed it curiously and then grin. “Should I ask?”
“Nope,” the bartender said.
Dira laughed. “Good.”

She took a step backwards and immediately bumped into an ensign who had snuck around a trio chatting. Dira managed to not spill her drink, but she looked startled, but was rather unusual for a telepath.

“Commander, I’m so sorry!”
Dira smiled. “It’s all good, no harm done.”
The ensign smiled in return and nodded, heading off.

She was still weirded out by her lack of surrounding perception. Normally when she used a suppressant, it was short term, so the discomfort and lack of awareness were so minor and temporary. But now it was going to last a few days and she felt a little off kilter. Not enough to discontinue the suppressant, but enough that she’d have to talk to Surra when she went back for a check-up.

Turning and surveying the lounge, Myqian took in the people gathered, trying to not feel slightly awkward.

Commander Myqian, XO

Alexis took a sip of her water and then nodded. “I have noticed the same. It does give one the chance to work on personal research projects, but I do prefer to be busy with work.” Frigga, having finished her kibble stuck her nose on Alexis lap, quietly looking for attention.

Bonner, AMO

Frigga sighed a pitiful doggie sigh. Alexis was not paying attention, she had that scent that said she was thinking about work things. And the Steak Keeper wasn’t around to make her stop. Now normally Frigga would just be insistent, but there were lots of people she could beg attention from in the lounge right now.

Frigga looked around and spotted her first target. Himdal was one of her PT friends. He liked swimming with her in the PT pool. She trotted quietly over to him and was rewarded with her fur being ruffled and her ears flipped back and forth for several minutes until he left the lounge. Next was G’ynij the nurse from Primary Sickbay that always snuck her treats. On her way there though she smelled something off. Someone needed help. Sniffing the air again she turned and trotted right up to the bar and sat down and stared up at a woman she’d seen many times but never met. She let out a soft inquisitive whine, head tipped to the side, and pawed at the woman’s shoe.


Not used to being snuck up on, Dira was once again startled. She swore that she’d need a double meditation session this evening just to shake off the day. Gazing down, she smiled and crouched, the fluid material of her floral patterned dress pooling around her. “Well, hello Frigga,” she said, reaching out with her free hand to pet the dog’s head, suspecting the therapy animal’s attention was because of her odd-state. “Glad one of us is functional,” she said softly. The top of the dog’s fur was so very soft and it was pleasant to stroke.

“I guess that means Alexis is here, huh? Help me find her in this busy place?”

Commander Myqian, XO

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