Side Sim - Ensign Ezeami Arrival

Posted June 29, 2022, 12:34 a.m. by Ensign Oliver Ezeami (Security Officer) (Scott Kafader)

Posted by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Ensign Ezeami Arrival

Posted by Ensign Oliver Ezeami (Security Officer) in Side Sim - Ensign Ezeami Arrival
Ollie was getting fidgety. It had been a long ride from Earth and several transfers to different shuttles. He had tried meditating and ran through some calisthenics in the limited space on one of the shuttles. There had been a few interesting people throughout the journey that he had tried chatting with but ultimately, he was a mixture of fatigue and excitement, in desperate need of a shower, and ready to get away from the emotional baggage he could sense from the mopey science officer who was also a passenger.

Shifting position in his seat he watched the stars zip by at warp and tried thinking about his upcoming assignment. It was certainly going to be a unique posting full of non traditional missions. What sort of things would a security officer do on a medical cruiser. There was probably some chance that they might find themselves on a front line or two caring for battlefield casualties, but he felt like most of their missions would involve peaceful locations that were plagued by natural disasters or mass illnesses. Perhaps guarding the medical staff would be important in those situations. Maybe there would be space pirates? Based on the Ogawa’s specs she could probably outrun most of those.

The shuttle dropped out of warp and one of the pilots called out their ETA to the Ogawa.

“Finally,” Ollie breathed as he jumped up to grab his things and stepped onto the transporter pad. “Thanks for the ride gentlemen, but get me outta here!”

The pilot chuckled, “See you around Ensign. Energizing.”

With that he found himself standing in the transporter room of the Ogawa. The mopey science officer had been replaced by the maelstrom of emotions from 450 new minds. He winced a little bit at the sensation but quickly attuned his senses to drown out the noise. Ollie flashed a smile at the transporter chief and headed out the door to find his quarters and a nice sonic shower.

-Ensign Ezeami, Security

Ooc: Awesome first post Scott! Thank you! Do you want to encounter the demo…I mean woman from HR?


OOC: Well if that doesn’t sound ominous… but yes, who doesn’t love a good visit with HR?


Ollie finally found his way to his quarters. They were small but about what he would expect for a newly commissioned ensign. He carelessly threw his duffel onto his bed and left a trail of clothing articles on his way to the sonic shower.

He emerged a few minutes later feeling much more like himself and less like a piece of bread that had been left out on the counter too long. The transport shuttles weren’t the most uncomfortable environment he had found himself in but they did leave a little to be desired with the extra amenities. Ollie grabbed a fresh uniform and made some attempt at taming his hair. Afterall, you never have a second chance to make a first impression… or something like that. With a final check in the mirror he made his way to his small desk and accessed the computer terminal to pull up his check in schedule to see what “paper work” he needed to complete.

“Ok, physical, psych check, meet the security chief… HR?”

-Ensign Ezeami, Security

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