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Posted July 2, 2022, 3:55 p.m. by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Audrey II (Arboretum Hostess) in Audrey Working the Shifts
She had been dormant for a while, or at least she hadn’t been singing for close on a year. She had been active, watching her documentaries. That Swedish Chef, his way in the kitchen was awesome, even if his ingredients didn’t always play nice with him. In some ways she was pleased she got her food through the nutrients delivered to her through her roots. Still, she admired the Swedish Chef and the rest of his team of individuals. Though she did have a bone to pick with that frog … it was not only easy being green, it was glorious.

But enough of her documentaries, she would love to talk about them to someone at some stage, but for now she had a crew to entertain and to sympathise with as they worked their shifts …

“Well hello there you lovely bipedal and other-pedally inclined crew of the Ogawa. Tis I, Audrey II, your fabulous and glorious Arboretum Hostess with the Mostess and I am back to give you tunes that’ll set you limbs a tapping and your medical instruments a humming. Today, I join you in your everyday struggles as you go working those shifts. Maestro, if you please, play Audrey Track-01-Alpha-Kelvin.”

What sounded like an alarm clock ringing sounded and it was quickly replaced by a rock and roll crossed with a country beat, and then Audrey’s voice joined in, her voice was alto.

“Tumble outta bed, you start the replication
Make yourself a cup of ambition
Yawn and stretch and try to come to life
Jump in the shower and the fluids start pumpin’
All ‘cross the ship the turbolifts start jumpin’
For crew like you on the job in Alpha Shift

Workin’ Alpha Shift, on this medical Starship
Hoping no patients died. while you were in bed sleepin,
Use your well honed skills to keep patients hale and hearty
It’s enough to get you down if you let it.

Captain Willow’s job has got her hoppin’
Dawn to midnight, there’s no stoppin’
Never know when a medical emergency will cause a code blue
Call a meeting and check on her bro and
Tug her uniform into position
Got so much on, no time for bamboo toast

Workin’ Alpha shift
For the Federation
You would think that the
Ship is due another upgrade
Want to promote crew
But the Fleet Brass won’t allow it
Infact they said we’re over staff-ed

Beta shift
You had a dream in the academy
You wanted to heal folk solve mysteries
The reality comes and the dreams fade away
You’re in the same shift as a lot of your friends
Waitin’ for the time that beta shift ends
And the crew’s gonna change
And you can see Audrey in the arboretum
Beta shift
As a crew workin’ together
On the Ogawa
Will make it through whatever
The GM can’t keep us down
We’ll just rise above it
Hold on to each other, and tell the GM
Where to shove it!

Alpha shift, watch the captain lose her mind
Get up and work, Get up and work
Beta shift, workin’ beta shift
Is enough to drive you crazy
So go and see psychiatry, Gamma shift.

Dreams and plans are in the making
Success is out there for the taking
Wish it was as simple as it sounds
Gamma shift is going to make it
Get to the end without losing a patient
Though its hard to work when you have a toothache

Workin’ Gamma Shift, visiting dental became necessary
When the dentist, Dr Joe Black
Found more than one cavity
Never been there before
But somehow I’ve got to take it
‘Til the teeth are gone
I guess I’ll just have to fake it

Get to the dentist, To the psychologist
Workin’ the shifts.

The crew all does it, but they know inside
They’re gonna make it through it
Oh there’s a brighter day
Free of disease and sickness
And we’ll take that dream soon as
we solve the puzzle the GM puts before us

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, you can lose your mind
But together when you have combined

The ship and crew deserve a big fat promotion
Against sickness and disease the tide will turn
Workin’ Alpha, Beta and Gamma!
On the Ogawa!”

Aubrey stopped the music at that point and cleared her throat, “thank you for listening, Ogawa. If you enjoyed my dulcet tones, you are welcome, if you didn’t, well you have no taste and I’m not talking to you.”

OOC: Obviously based on Working 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton and also the opening number of the musical ‘9 to 5’ based on the movie ‘Working 9 to 5’. is the original broadway lyrics. and is a clip of the song on broadway

  • Audrey II, Arboretum Hostess with the Mostess

Ooc: lmao that’s amazing Russ :)

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