Side sim: Hanging Around The Lounge (OPEN)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) in Side sim: Hanging Around The Lounge (OPEN)

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Alexis noticed Myqian enter. She didn’t sigh but she was going to have to do something there, she just didn’t know what. She just inherently didn’t trust the woman and her invasive telepathy.

Bonner, AMO

Solal noticed the entrance of the XO as well. He barely knew her, he’d never spoken to her off duty. He was pretty sure he didn’t typically see her here, but perhaps he simply didn’t notice her. Or they happened to come on different days. It wasn’t like Solal spent a lot of time in the lounge.

For the time being, he turned his attention back to Bonner. With a nod, he replied, “Work has been slower lately, at least for myself.” Which was unfortunate, if you asked Solal. He liked what he did, so it made a good distraction.

~ Solal

A colourful drink was slid across the bartop, its layers green, blue and yellow. Dira eyed it curiously and then grin. “Should I ask?”
“Nope,” the bartender said.
Dira laughed. “Good.”

She took a step backwards and immediately bumped into an ensign who had snuck around a trio chatting. Dira managed to not spill her drink, but she looked startled, but was rather unusual for a telepath.

“Commander, I’m so sorry!”
Dira smiled. “It’s all good, no harm done.”
The ensign smiled in return and nodded, heading off.

She was still weirded out by her lack of surrounding perception. Normally when she used a suppressant, it was short term, so the discomfort and lack of awareness were so minor and temporary. But now it was going to last a few days and she felt a little off kilter. Not enough to discontinue the suppressant, but enough that she’d have to talk to Surra when she went back for a check-up.

Turning and surveying the lounge, Myqian took in the people gathered, trying to not feel slightly awkward.

Commander Myqian, XO

Alexis took a sip of her water and then nodded. “I have noticed the same. It does give one the chance to work on personal research projects, but I do prefer to be busy with work.” Frigga, having finished her kibble stuck her nose on Alexis lap, quietly looking for attention.

Bonner, AMO

Frigga sighed a pitiful doggie sigh. Alexis was not paying attention, she had that scent that said she was thinking about work things. And the Steak Keeper wasn’t around to make her stop. Now normally Frigga would just be insistent, but there were lots of people she could beg attention from in the lounge right now.

Frigga looked around and spotted her first target. Himdal was one of her PT friends. He liked swimming with her in the PT pool. She trotted quietly over to him and was rewarded with her fur being ruffled and her ears flipped back and forth for several minutes until he left the lounge. Next was G’ynij the nurse from Primary Sickbay that always snuck her treats. On her way there though she smelled something off. Someone needed help. Sniffing the air again she turned and trotted right up to the bar and sat down and stared up at a woman she’d seen many times but never met. She let out a soft inquisitive whine, head tipped to the side, and pawed at the woman’s shoe.


Not used to being snuck up on, Dira was once again startled. She swore that she’d need a double meditation session this evening just to shake off the day. Gazing down, she smiled and crouched, the fluid material of her floral patterned dress pooling around her. “Well, hello Frigga,” she said, reaching out with her free hand to pet the dog’s head, suspecting the therapy animal’s attention was because of her odd-state. “Glad one of us is functional,” she said softly. The top of the dog’s fur was so very soft and it was pleasant to stroke.

Frigga let the woman pet her for however long she was inclined to do so. She felt nervous and sad to Frigga. Of course human emotions were so complicated and Frigga didn’t always understand them in her limited sense, but the woman needed her. So here she was. Frigga really thought the woman would benefit from a full body Frigga cuddle. The deep pressure would help, and her fur was really soft and people seemed to like that. However that would require knocking the woman over, and Frigga was a well behaved dog and would never knock someone over with out an emergency situation. So she sat quietly, tail wagging.

“I guess that means Alexis is here, huh? Help me find her in this busy place?”

Commander Myqian, XO

Frigga tipped her head when Myqian said ‘Alexis’ She knew that was what some people called her Mom. So when the woman stood up Frigga turned unerringly back toward the table where Alexis was sitting, stopping and watching her charge to make sure she was following along and not getting lost. Once they reached the table, Frigga tugged at Alexis sleeve with a soft whine that immediately got Alexis’ attention. Looking down at Frigga, the pup immediately let go and Alexis stroked her ears. “What is it Frigga?” To which the dog glanced back at Myqian.


Solal was not focused on the dog and so he had already seen what Frigga had done. “Apparently your pet has decided to bring us a friend.” He looked up at Myqian and nodded a greeting to her, “Commander. I hope you are enjoying your evening.”

~ Solal

There was a slight awkwardness in this situation that was enhanced because of the reason Frigga honed in on her in the first place, but Dira also new that part of getting through these few weird days was admitting that it was weird and awkward. She offered Solal and Alexis a genuine smile. “It’s… interesting so far. I hope I’m not intruding. Frigga seemed to pick up on the fact that I’m a bit out of sorts, and to be honest, I could use a distraction. Might I join you?” It was hard. She was the XO, so people were not really inclined to turn her down in this situation, but she also knew that if it was obvious that she was intruding she could just politely take her leave ad let people get on with whatever they had planned without her interference. She was hoping to make more friends on the ship, but she also knew that part of being higher up in the chain of command was the reality that it was just harder to be chummy with the majority of the crew. Or at least it seemed that way here so far.

Commander Myqian, XO

Solal gestured to an open seat at their table. “I don’t mind at all.” Solal was not particularly social, a workaholic who often simply retired to his quarters in the little free time he didn’t choose to spend working. It wouldn’t bother him at all for Myqian to sit with them. He didn’t mind she was the XO, senior officers were still people after all. But he also wasn’t very talkative and wasn’t sure how to continue the conversation.

~ Solal

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