Around the Ship- Colliding Paths

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Although NE Phyllis had tried to avoid any sort of interaction, she also decided to finish her task quickly. Although she had gained the realization that, in spite of his demeanor, her new Chief was not one to waste someone’s time. On the other hand, the fact that there was a minor glitch in the Arboretum on a new ship was not something that she liked. It was such a minor issue that it was probably just something that final inspection missed. It still made her wonder how many small things had been overlooked in order to get Starfleet’s newest Medical vessels in active service.

“Well, that’s a disaster averted,” she said to nobody in particular.

She had walked out just in time to see the XO walking toward a storage closet, and then to walk inside it. She thought that the door had closed behind Commander Myqian a little more quickly than it should have, as if someone had programmed it to close rapidly behind any entrant. She made a mental note to tell whatever engineer was on shift on the deck after her about it, because even if it was an impression instead of reality, she didn’t want to let go of a hunch only to be proven right. She didn’t want to question what the XO might be doing in the room - the Commander had walked around the Arboretum for a quick stroll without any reason. There must have been reasons, whatever they were, and Cascarrabias had given NE Phyllis a long list of duties for her shift.

She looked over them and said out loud, “How are there ten minor malfunctions in just three decks? Stupid final touches on mission…”

Phyllis walked right past the closed door and on to other duties, caught up in a flurry of irregularities so that the irregularity of the XO walking into a storage room barely registered as more out of the ordinary than anything else.

NE Phyllis, Engineering

Quickly, Bill ran the program from his PaDD that duplicated another NE’s signature on the ship as Dira so that anyone looking for her would find the NE and not Dira. Next he ran the second program that changed the storage room several doors down to always show no life signs. He had to call in several big favors in from nefarious Star Fleet Intelligence officers to get the programs. He might have even reduced himself to blackmail. He liked to think that he had the best of motivations and therefore breaking a few rules would be worth it.

At the end of the day, he was here to convince Dira to change her mind and come with him. Barring that.... well.... he would just have to convince her.

Once all the programs were working, he opened up the nearby jeffries tube and moved his cargo, closing the jeffries tube behind him. He didn’t want anyone stumbling upon him and Dira. Though space would be tight, it was vital that he was in a private place. The light was dim in the heavily insulated room. The insulation was for other purposes, but they would do for his own… keeping their conversation private. He had been clearing out the storage space for a week to make sure it would be easy to detain her and have space. Once in the small room, he tied her hands behind her back and to a pipe that would not easily break then tied her feet together.

Now he just had to wait.

Commander William Franks

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Everything felt fuzzy as awareness seeped back into her mind and body. The first things she noticed were that her mouth felt dry and her stomach felt unsettled, but she still couldn’t move. A couple minutes later, Dira was finally able to open her eyes. Her view matched the sensation that she was on something hard- in this case, the floor and as she tried to move, she found her limbs restricted.

Then he came into focus. Or rather the shape of him. She didn’t have her psi abilities right now to confirm anything, but that moment when she had stepped into the room and seen his face and known it was him, and not just a coincidence was seared into her mind.

The only thing she could feel was utter terror, and yet, she was too good, too practiced to let him see that. Not that William Franks was the most observant person around to begin with. Regardless of childhood trauma, and maybe because of it, he was an entirely self-centred person. “William…” she said, before her dry mouth caused her to cough.

Commander Myqian, XO

William had been entirely sucked into his own mind, completely unaware that Dira had regained consciousness until she said his name. His gaze snapped to her sharply. Quickly he came forward with a glass of water. It had probably sat in that room for several days and thus was not exactly the freshest tasting, but he seemed not to think about it at all as he offered it to her to sip. “Sorry. The spray is effective but it does tend to dry one out.”

His tone was one of relaxed camaraderie, as though he had not just kidnapped her and was hiding her in a back room no one would know existed. “I have missed you so much my dear. Surely you have felt it just as keenly.” A statement, not a question. “But I am here now and we can soon start our lives together.”

Commander William Franks

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