=^=Almikaz reaches out to Savel=^= [Tag Savel]

Posted Aug. 13, 2022, 10:46 a.m. by Lieutenant Savel (Scientist/Pilot) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Lieutenant Surra Almikaz (Chief of Psychiatry) in =^=Almikaz reaches out to Savel=^= [Tag Savel]
Surra arrived in the lounge at the end of her shift and went straight to the bar, “Vulcan Brandy.” she said to the bartender as she gently tapped the bar. While waiting on her drink she tapped her comm badge, =^=Almikaz to Savel. Are you around? Care to join me in the lounge for a chat?=^=

Almikaz, CoP

Savel was meditating in his room, reciting Surak’s teaching in his head when his combadge ringed. He slowly opened his eyes, grabbed the piece of metal, and said : =^=Understood, Doctor. I’ll be here in a moment. =^= Changing his casual clothes for his uniform, he stepped out of his room and proceeded toward the lounge.

The lounge was still quiet, with some little chatting from a table. At the bar was Almikaz, sitting here and probably waiting for him. He slowly approached her and stopped next to her, his arms crossed in his back : “I believe you asked for me, Doctor ?”

Lieutenant Savel

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