Around the Ship- Colliding Paths

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Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in Around the Ship- Colliding Paths

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Her small smile was enough to reassure and mollify any doubts. His delusions often overtook his good sense. He immediately beamed back at her, going for a charming happy smile though it came out more deranged than charming. “But my darling, I could never stay mad at you for long. I knew you would be pining for me in this wreck of a ship. I saw you spending time with the Captain and that Chief of Security. Friends are good to have in new places but nothing could compare to love.” He reached forward to gently caress her face. “Our love is deep and abiding. I forgive you your harsh words spoken in anger. I know you didn’t mean them.”

Commander William Franks

As his fingers moved over her skin it took all her will power not to pull away or wince in any way. She couldn’t do anything to break the illusion or else she was certain his anger would have devastating effects. “I only ever wanted to help you find your way. I know it was hard for you.” There was a part of her that couldn’t resist tactics but then again they might be the thing that kept her alive here. Or not. Who could tell just how far he had slipped into psychopathy. Had she missed this possibility?

He nodded, wanting to reassure his love that he understood even though he didn’t… not really. He didn’t understand why she would want to leave him. No. She hadn’t. Star Fleet had transferred her here. The rational part of his mind reminded him that she had not communicated with him after the transfer either and he frowned, shoving it away. Dira took orders very seriously. Star Fleet probably ordered her not to contact him.

No. He was making her second guess herself again. She had to stop doing that. They were both comand trained and on a level playing field in that regard. But the thing about having crisis trainign was that you were usually not the one in trouble per say. It was hard to manage a crisis bound as she was. Her earlier movement of her hands told her that whatever he had tied her up with he had used strong knots. She was not easily slipping out here.

“You know this crew values people though. They might not let me go easily, and like you said, I made friends here. Promise me no one will get hurt?” She said, her ebony eyes focused intently on him with a dash of hope.

Commander Myqian, XO

His frown deepened as his gaze and mental focus returned to her. “Friends should be happy that you are happy. Why would anyone get hurt?” He shook his head and checked his PaDD. So far, his first line of defense was working. Dira’s biosignature had been changed in the system. Then he had assigned the new biosignature to another crew member so that if anyone looked for someone who didn’t belong, they would find a male engineer and a female nurse instead of Dira and himself. It would send people into circles if they tried to find Dira. He nodded to himself. The next step wold be the site to site transport that would get him and Dira onto the shuttle. His plan would work perfectly. He just knew it.

Commander William Franks

He was so far gone that he couldn’t even see the discrepancy, didn’t even fully comprehend the fact that he had abducted someone and assumed it was free choice. That Dira herself was just waiting for him to swoop in and take her away. Her stomach roiled and in that moment she realized that this situation was already too far for her to ease her way out of. But the problem was that if she dared break the illusion she knew he would turn on her. Was that better? Was it easier if he realized she didn’t love him? Would he just kill her then though? It seemed likely at this point. All she needed right now was to buy time for her crewmates to find her. If they even knew she was missing yet. Not knowing the time made it hard to know if Willow was even aware her first officer was missing. She needed information and didn’t trust William to give it to her.

Moving her hands again and wincing, Dira gave William an innocent and soft look. “William dear, my hands hurt. Do you think you can untie them?” A reasonable request if he was assuming she was going willingly. But she would see.

He shook his head and started typing in his PaDD to finish the last command to transfer them to the shuttle. “I am sorry Dira. Once we get going, we can take those off.” The dissonance between keeping Dira restrained and yet insisting on the idea that she was willingly coming with him did not even register in his delusion. On the one hand, his brain was functioning as if she was not willing. On the other hand, he was allowing himself to look past this and simply live in his delusion where he and Dira were meant to be. She would see that if given enough time but until then, he functioned as if she saw that now.

Meanwhile, even without her psi abilities, she had one possible advantage: a romantic partner who could pick up disturbances. So eyes shifting towards the deck in a feigned demure action, Dira focused all her anguish and distress out into the ether. Zoi! Help! Franks is here and he has me captive. I don’t know where I am on the ship! It mattered not that Zoi couldn’t pick up the words, nor that Dira couldn’t transmit. Just that her overall energy was one of desperate fear and panic. In fact, if anyone in the area was sensitive to emotions, they might pick it up and so much the better for her.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi, already working to find the biometric signature and unravel the web that Commander Franks had woven, picked up on that panic immediately. Her hand moved to her chest and for a long moment, her breath came in a rush and she felt all of the adrenaline dump.

“Chief?” One of the security officers asked, obviously worried about her unusual behavior. They were all working like mad to find out what happened in the ship’s internal identification program so they could find the person on board.

She nodded, taking in and letting out a deep breath. “Yes. Commander Myqian is alive but is in some distress. I don’t think she is physically harmed, but she is very upset and scared. Keep working. We have to find her. Team B, I want you to check internal transporter logs. The person may decide to use the transporter to get off the ship. Team C, I want you to physically lock down all shuttles and shuttle bays.”

Her teams went to work immediately and though at the moment, she couldn’t allow herself the distraction, perhaps later she would feel pride at the well oiled machine that was her security department in an emergency.

Haven, CoS

Dira sat there and the first weird thought that came to her mind was that her butt was going numb. But it was sit here or lay on her side which hurt even more. At least she could watch him more closely as she was positioned. The second thought was that they couldn’t stay here. He’d have to move her eventually and if someone didn’t find her at that point then this was really not going to end well… for her. Watching him work on the PaDD, Dira was trying to pull out another tool from her psychiatrist’s bag of tricks, but she wasn’t sure there was one for this sort of situation. Except to get him to talk more. Anything at all might help. “I had heard that you had gotten a new position on Outpost 18. How’s that been going?” she asked, having no idea that he was currently AWOL after not arriving t report in for duty after an extended R&R. Somewhere out there, people were wondering where the man had disappeared to but no one had thought to tell Myqian. To warn her. Because she had kept his behaviour towards her to herself. Because she could handle it. Later she’d see what a bloody fool she’d been. But hindsight and all that.

Commander Myqian, XO

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