Savel reporting in with the CSO

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Savel was walking through the corridors of Deck 8, looking at the different laboratories present. While being equipped with the classical lab, two of them were solely dedicated to Biology and Chemistry, a necessary add-on for a medical starship.
I’ll have the opportunity to visit them later, thought the Vulcan. For now, he had a meeting with his superior, Lieutenant Kane. His office was on the same deck as the lab, and it didn’t take long for Savel to find it.
As he arrived, the Vulcan activated the chime and waited for an answer.

The door slid open silently to reveal a wholly chaotic mess. It almost appeared as if someone had broken in trashed the office trying to find something, if it wasn’t for the man seated at the desk. With his feet kicked up on the table and a PaDD in his hand, the man did not look like a scientist. He barely looked like a member of Star Fleet. His uniform shirt was open at that top exposing his black undershirt. A mane of wild hair cascaded down his face on one side and fell almost to his shoulders, and the other side was shaved halfway up from his ear, the rest combed across his head to fall down the other side. Colored markings- tattoos- peeked out form under his t-shirt and partially up his neck. HIs hands, too, were completely covered in tattoos. The man’s face shifted and an almost feral look came across his features. “What? What do you want?” he almost growled at the new arrival.

Kane, CSO / R&D
Savel froze for exactly 10 seconds, and he knew for sure since he counted them while processing this unexpected situation. Curious, he thought, I was pretty sure it was the CSO office…

After a moment, he cleared his throat and says : “Pardon my intrusion, sir. I believe I have mistaken your closet for the Chief Science’s Office. If you could indicate it to me.” Not for a second, in all the possible situations he made in his head, Savel couldn’t suspect this man to be the CSO.

Lieutenant Savel

There was a long pause accompanied by a more than slightly hostile glare. “This is the CSO’s office. And I’m the CSO. So, for the second time, what do you want?” he asked coldly.

Kane, CSO
Savel raised his eyebrows, processing the impossible information. Never would I have believed it was possible to meet such a… particular officer. Fascinating… He took a better composure and says : “I’m Lieutenant Savel, reporting for duty, sir.” Looking around the mess that was in the room, he added: “Did I disturb you ?”

Lieutenant Savel

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IC: “Not real quick on the uptake there, are ya?” Kane growled and then exhaled loudly before moving his feet off the desk, leaning forward, and glaring at the new arrival. “Okay, so you are reporting for duty. Great. What exactly do you think that duty is, Savel?”

Kane, CSO
Savel enters the room a bit further, careful not to walk on anything laying on the ground before he crossed his hands in the back.
The Vulcan spoke monotonously and continuously while delivering his summary : “As a crewmember of the Ogawa, I expect my duty to assist the medical department in delicate moments, such as molecular research or chemical synthesis, and dealing with more classical issues and all types of anomalies.”

Lieutenant Savel

Kane stared at Savel for a long moment and then laughed… once… and very loudly. “HA!” and he slapped the desk hard. “Spoken like a true automaton. Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were som kinda advanced synthetic that they hadn’t figured out how to program a personality into.” The CSO leaned back and put his feet back up on the desk, hands interlaced on his chest. “Your job is to figure s#!t out and make stuff that’ll help the medical teams. Do you know how you go about doing that? Or do you need some direction?” Kane asked sharply.

Kane, CSO

Savel frowned almost imperceptibly at Kane’s remark. How strange, thought the Vulcan. Humans normally insult people when they feel threatened, yet I haven’t done anything that would compromise his position or his life.
“Thank you for consideration, Sir”, said Savel. “However I must remind you that every Starfleet officer has been trained to act and to respond in any situation given.* Giving him a little smile, he added : “Perhaps you have missed some of the courses needed to be granted the status of officer, which would explain your lack of knowledge on the matter. I must vividly recommend you to take the said course again and to pass it.”

Lieutenant Savel

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